Saturday, December 2, 2017

the art of losing: MyPoPerDayMo 4

Dec. 2

Planetary Pajamas, 2008-2018?

anticipation of loss.  the beginning of the end.   lightweight long-sleeved long-legged 
soft periwinkle planetary pajamas leaving me slowly, having come unexpectedly, 
bought for someone else for more money than I would spend on myself. 
are you not wearing these? can I have them then?  thinning, sagging, 
drawstring replaced with knotted elastic, seams coming loose--
seems like sleeping is hard work all night six months
a year for nine years, dreaming alongside every
new hi-tech brainwave in Jetson-print jersey,
fading, wearing thinner and thinner,
hems dragging. how long can
they withstand the labor
of my space-age
still I
keep on 
wearing them, with grieving

draft (c) HM 12.17


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