Friday, August 9, 2013


I have the luxury of visiting my folks this weekend out near the beach in Delaware, by myself.  One of the pleasures of being here is getting on the fat purple cruiser with the bouncy seat and riding in circles around the nearby neighborhood called Warwick Park (which curiously is made of streets called Comanche, Apache, Sioux and Lenape).

I wouldn't ordinarily enjoy not going *somewhere*, but there's something light and pleasurable about just going aheadaheadahead without thinking too hard, just enjoying the different trees and porches and garden ornaments (!).  It made me think about "laps."


The laps I know are made of legs--
tight together flat and straight
or criss-cross cradle on the floor.

But when I run around and round
from room to room on rainy days
tagging chairs and knobs on doors,

they tell me I am "doing laps."
I guess my laps are made of legs--
but mine are moving much much more!

HM 2013


  1. LOVE! This is so delightful, Heidi! Great form and voice. Just love -- especially the "criss-cross cradle." :)

  2. LOVE! This is so delightful, Heidi! Great form and voice. Just love -- especially the "criss-cross cradle." :)

  3. Love the new way of thinking about laps!

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  5. Hi Heidi! You've really captured the child's voice in this lovely poem!

  6. I really enjoyed this poem, Heidi. As BJ said, I think you've perfectly captured a child's voice and way of thinking. Lovely!

  7. I'm going to read "Laps" to my granddaughter. She's always telling me that I need to sit "criss-cross applesauce". I could just hear her voice as I read your poem! Fantastic!

  8. You've captured both "laps" perfectly! I envy your leisurely bike rides...aheadaheadahead...=)

  9. I enjoy playing with words. You have played around and round with the word laps. Criss-cross cradle was a favorite line,even though I had to read it twice to get the image to come into my mind. (It's early in the morning before coffee.) My daughter lives in an apartment made of two apartments and they call walking around the place, "doing the lap." Thanks for sharing.

  10. I like poems that play with words' meanings -- very nice, Heidi!

  11. I adore this poem, Heidi! What joy in language!


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