Tuesday, August 13, 2013

whole group lesson

I've had occasion this week to think about the characteristics of extroverts and introverts.(Sometimes it's spelled extrAversion, sometimes extrOversion.)  In my own words, extroverts draw energy from being with other people; being alone tends to drain them and leave them feeling a little limp and empty.  Introverts, however, charge up their inner batteries during alone-time; interacting with the group is what tends to wear them out.

Being mainly an extrovert myself, for a long time I was confused and believed that "introverted" meant "shy;"  I know now that introverts can be confident and outgoing, but that doing so is hard work and requires recharge time.  I've also learned that if I don't get sufficient time alone to recharge, it's hard for me.  The children in our classrooms also have these characteristics.  I hope I respect them.

Alone in the Crowd

I have a seat
I have a spot
I have a place in line between my buddies.

But what I wish
that I could do
when it gets wild is hide inside my cubby.

HM 2013
revised draft


  1. As an introvert-verging-on-hermit, I approve this message!

    Seriously, though, I also still remember so many school moments that required me to be in a noisy situation with lots of people when all I yearned for was a corner in which to be silent and alone. It's definitely hard to find that space for your students in a classroom setting.

  2. Thanks for bringing this up. I am an introvert. I am confident and enjoy being with others; although, I prefer one on one to a large group gathering. I would have crawled into my cubby many times as a child and wish that I knew that was OK then. It is so important for us to recognize the individual gifts of our students.
    When my daughter was 4, the teacher thought she had a problem because she kept asking to go to the bathroom. Turns out, she is an introvert, too.

  3. Good to remember. I'll try to build a classroom where all the Verts can find comfort!


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