Friday, April 26, 2024

more April #elfchen

Greetings, all, and power to you as April draws to a close and many of us are beginning to feel a little poetryed out! Let's give ourselves grace--I want to post on this Friday but I know I'll need to limit my commenting if not my reading.  My goal is 11 eleven-word comments; what balance of creation/participation/rest do you need this week?

Here are my 🌎rescue🌍elfchen, intended for kids, for the last couple of weeks.  You can see them all on Instagram, but here they are all gathered for ease of enjoyment, and I hope you do.

brought to you by Wm Shakespeare, King Richard II:

in honor of BuyNothing groups organized on Facebook:

This last one received a lot of support but not much in the way of ideas, because like me, other Instagramming poets are running dry too! But never fear: I left my writing sofa and rode to school on my bike, and as someone I follow says, #natureneverdisappoints.  So here's today's elfchen, fresh off the saddle:

lawn unmowed,
untidies the block:
multitude of buttercups! thanks,

Thanks to our lovely host today, Ruth at There is no such thing as a Godforsaken town, who comes to us from Kampala and keeps us mindful of other life experiences--rather like our Progressive Poem is doing this year. Visit Ruth and also Karin Fisher-Golton, who is progressing the journey of two young migrants today. May we all be well and safe, and may we all help someone be weller and safer today.


  1. And there you are - you managed to find one anyway!

  2. This dandelion poem is EVERYTHING! Perfection. Are we poetryed out? Maybe we just need a week and we'll be back at it. :)

  3. The busy-ness of the month has me scrambling but along with poetry, other things have emerged to do! I think of your haiku as telegrams to the world, Heidi. You may slow down but don't stop! I like that one that includes "Earth isn't"!

  4. I'm a bit poetryed out, too, but enjoying the chance at last to see what others have been up to this week. I love the variety of yours, and I especially enjoyed the unmowed lawn, which sounds like ours. Some neighbors say they appreciate the flowers, but others seem to think it "untidies the block." The bees and butterflies seem to approve.

  5. Ha, "poetryed out" is a thing during NPM. :) Respite and grace are good things.

  6. I love all of these, but especially #15 and #22, (vigilance, dandelion) I love short poems!


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