Friday, May 17, 2024

hayhoe, hayhoe, hasta luego

Greetings, all, on this 3rd Friday of May!  It's Climate Friday at my juicy little universe, and I'm here briefly to mention that I'm taking a little sabbatical from Poetry Friday through September 13, when I'll return as host.  I have some (like 934) writing projects that require my undivided attention.

I'm also here to recommend a weekly read that makes a big difference in my life as a
climate communicator--it's the work of another, much more educated climate communicator, Katharine Hayhoe. She has a YouTube channel and writes a Substack that I subscribe to, TALKING CLIMATE WITH KATHARINE HAYHOE, a pithy three-point bulletin with sections titled "Good News," "Not-So-Good News" and "Inspiration/What You Can Do."  It's straight talk and very empowering, and full of links if you want to know more. She also specializes in talking climate action with Christian communities.  

You can find this week's piece and subscribe yourself here. (The photo depicts people using the Local and online "climate cafés" popping up that....facilitate open, frank discussions about the climate crisis and the emotions that living in this particular moment brings up, reports Katharine. They also help like-minded people connect, collaborate, and build community so we know we’re not alone.)

Batteries made of sand?! by Katharine Hayhoe

Sand batteries, extreme Asian heat wave, and Climate Cafés

Read on Substack

I'll leave you with a poem and this quote from today's Poem-A-Day author: 

As poets, we can practice holding delicate moments, human and inhumane nuances, and consider the possible beauty in all of it. - Kay Ulanday Barrett

Thanks to Patricia for hosting us today at Reverie, and I'll see you probably not until September...Be well, all, and enjoy the summer!


  1. Good luck with all your projects, Heidi. I learn so much from your work, such as the info about the sand battery. Never heard of it. I'm inspired by what science is able to come up with. Thanks for your commitment!

  2. Heidi, thanks for passing along the Hayhoe links! I hope you recharge your batteries with some slow-summer time!

  3. Heidi, have a wonderful sabbatical! We will miss your wit and insights over the coming months. Thank you for connecting us to Katharine Hayhow. I am always looking for resources that talk about what we can do personally. Good luck on all your many projects!

  4. Go forth and be productive! (Don't forget to have fun along the way!)

  5. Heidi, thank you for introducing us to Katharine Hayhoe. I've subscribed to her YouTube and Substack. Here's to the honeysuckle. Heidi, see you in September! Have a very productive summer. Peace and success to you.

  6. Best wishes for your work this summer, Heidi. Thanks for the links, always welcome! I have honeysuckle memories at one grandparents' home, covering a huge swath around their mailbox (in the country). Love the poem!

  7. Hooray! I'm so glad to know you are tucking into your writing projects. They deserve you and all your attention. Thank you for the rec for the substack and the note about batteries of sand. I remember hearing about this months ago--that they were being built but didn't know that they were ready to use. Whoo Hooo! I adore that honeysuckle...and I've seen it on my walks lately. It's a June plant? I didn't know that. Oh, too soon.

  8. Best of luck on the writing projects!!! Enjoy the writing sabbatical! I think I'll see you at Highlights? (a little birdie named Linda told me)

  9. Thanks for all the valuable links, and I hope you enjoy your PF sabbatical as you tackle eight or nine hundred projects. :D

  10. Enjoy your time, Heidi! Hope you get a lot of projects completed. And thanks also for the tip on all the climate information.

  11. I'm excited to hear about your writing projects! Thanks for the Hayhoe intro.


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