Thursday, December 29, 2016

haiku catch-up

Holiday travel this year--all the way to Seaford, England, courtesy of Grandma Treeze. I've just about managed to stick with the daily #haikuforhealing, which also serves as a sort of December diary.  Here's what those not following on Twitter may have missed.

each morning we wake
to see what star is fallen
sky blues anyway

..and Carrie and Debbie and...

south downs: more like ups
here at the seven sisters
mutton on the hoof

chilli pickle
thali platter mutton curry:
brighton highlight

boxing day:
let's celebrate by letting
everyone out

misty, moisty
Christmas Day--sea breeze
whips the walled garden

airplane universe:
chorus of voices
fails to reach Syria


airport universe:
some of everyone shining
in long weary lines


revelling late
the shortest day becomes
the longest day ever

rogue elector
I *choose* to shop at the discount store
at rush hour
          Electoral College

haiku harmony
arranging layered words we
rage and marvel on

Reflections on the Teche  and read the comments

winter traditions:
devised by peasants with no
fields to plow, no school?
          (The more I wanted to just sleep from 6pm until 7am, the more there was to do...)

I'm posting early this week because we'll be busy overnight with visiting rellies.  Thanks to  Donna at Mainely Write for hosting.  See you in 2017!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Time this morning only to wish everyone a bright Solstice--which I described to 2nd graders as the winter holiday we can ALL acknowledge:  light the dark, green the grey, warm the frigid world!  (The northern hemisphere, anyway.)

This week's microprocessing...

on the 14th, seared,
I lay down rows of cookies
iced with salty stains
          Newtown Anniversary

strange light spreads
in my dark December room--
oh! it's the fat friendly moon

welcome all
the world is spicy
brown and sweet

a player, ready
palms and feathers greased
exxonus rex

Rex Tillerson

who needs intelligence?
you get this, Mike--
I'm busy trying on suits
          The President's Daily Brief

note to self:
hurrying towards everything
I hurt someone

Today the round-up is with my pal Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference.  A visit to her blog is always intriguing, always uplifting (slothlove!), always healing.

Friday, December 9, 2016

#haiku (and book launches) for healing

My effort to respond creatively to the news of the world continues;  you can read about how Mary Lee started it all here.  You're invited to scroll down to the previous week's minimalist commentaries --and of course, you're invited to join in.  It wasn't clear to me at first, but the tiny discipline of slowing down to craft a response (rather than just banging the steering wheel and yelling at the radio) has been empowering.


first college news
we both prefer denial
to rejection

And from yesterday:


gold star winks out
leaving a long bright trail
holding in orbit

Joining in this project are all the brave women below; I hope they will pardon me when, during the week, all I can manage is to Like their Tweeted haiku.  It's good to work alongside you all!

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Our hostess with the postest is Jone at Check It Out.  She reminds us that haiku fits nicely on a postcard. And now, in other news...

I was delighted to join Jacqueline Jules, Marty Rhodes Figley and Laura Murray on Dec. 1st for a holiday book launch at One More Page in Arlington, VA (what a delightful place).  Here we are, festive and fierce with a bunch of fun books for holiday giving and receiving.  Each book you see earns its place on the bookshelf, but if I may reveal all my biases:  every home with children needs a copy of One Minute till Bedtime!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

a fine kettle of
hawks we have here,
rising on hot air


and also

generals and majors
drone on with military decision
just following orders, sir

Here's my inspiration, deceptively upbeat, by the ever-clever XTC.  The song remains a stroke of genius, although the video is goofy--can you spot a really famous British entrepreneur?



looks like pizza, smells
like pizza--but let's shoot it
just to be safe

Comet Ping-Pong
I have a ton to say about this one, primarily that in order to effectively distinguish fact from fake it helps have to have an excellent grip on metaphor.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Sunday, December 4, 2016


loud and solid
an army of rock stands, chants,
sends the snake around

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Friday, December 2, 2016


Mary Lee said: "My creative spirit, who has been sitting out on the porch with her head between her knees for the last couple of weeks, looked up and nodded. Yes, that seems right, she said. A response to the news of the day, shared in the concise metaphorical form of the haiku."

Thus daily  #haikuforhealing in December was born.

My creative spirit exclaimed, "Dang, that sounds like a good idea! News, concise, metaphor, daily.  You can do this!"   And also: "Isn't Mary Lee wise, brave, and planful?"

So here we go, with no promises that I can manage every day.

fire, flood, tornado
no one says
"punishment from God"


skies clear: no dove.
on the ground jackass
brays at mad dog

Hmmmm.  Those are perhaps not extremely healing.  Let me try again....


stone soup simmers
villagers add their vegetables
to the deep pot of Friday

And here are last week's warm-ups, featured on Today's Little Ditty by Michelle:


not by hiding
from the world but by living
widely in it


refuge & solace:
today I don't turn on
the news


gathering light
around the long table
let's take this outside