Friday, June 24, 2016

unwelcome visitors

shiny brown
seeds of doom

whenever we seek you
in daytime
whenever we sleep at
sowing rows

of round red

The relaxed first days of summer vacation are somewhat marred by the discovery of Cimex lectularius in our house.  Luckily they are confined to one room only, as far as we know (the trained sniffing terrier who is coming by today will confirm that, we hope), and they have managed to create a poetic feeling in me, so there's that!

Enjoy the infestation of poetry found today at Random Noodling with Diane.  She's celebrating John Ciardi, whose autograph I cherished in a white wooden jewelry box for many years.  Where could it be now?

Friday, June 17, 2016

leaving the dwarf orchard

also... it's not all about me
Today is the last day of my first year in second grade.  It brought some surprises, and then other surprises came from without and within. Small tumults.

Tonight it's storming; the sky dogs are baying.

Now summer drifts up like a watermelon boat, a banana hammock hung from broccoli trees, and I will get in.

After Reading Tu Fu, I Go Outside to the Dwarf Orchard || Charles Wright

East of me, west of me, full summer.
How deeper than elsewhere the dusk is in your own yard.
Birds fly back and forth across the lawn
                                                                                           looking for home
As night drifts up like a little boat.

Day after day, I become of less use to myself.
Like this mockingbird,
                                                     I flit from one thing to the next.
What do I have to look forward to at fifty-four?
Tomorrow is dark.
                                           Day-after-tomorrow is darker still.

The sky dogs are whimpering.
Fireflies are dragging the hush of evening
                                                                                              up from the damp grass.
Into the world’s tumult, into the chaos of every day,
Go quietly, quietly.

It's good to be back among you.  I read miles and miles of poetry last night to find this one, and it was like eating again after a long fast.  Thanks to Carol for hosting over at Carol's Corner, and I'm looking forward to a summer of reading and writing with this Poetry Friday community!