Friday, October 27, 2017


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 Things feel a little dis-integrated in the world right now; perhaps this has always been true, but you know how sometimes you feel unhinged from your usual stance, kind of off-the-hook and floating? This poem is part of a collection I've been working on now and then for almost 20 years.  It considers perspective, and maybe patience.


Every now and then you see a thing—
what is that?—
that you can’t take in,
that you can’t read right.
You look and look, but you don’t see
what you’re looking at.

And then all at once
the parts of it are moving,
moving in small ways
into new places,

as if a hand were 
moving those parts around,
as if a hand were putting you 
in the right place to see.

And then all at once
you can see it, you find that
a new thing has come together
with all its parts in the right places,
and you have to ask
why you couldn’t see it before.

(C) HM c.2005

The round-up today is with Brenda at Friendly Fairy Tales.  I hope a hand puts you in the right place to see...