Friday, June 24, 2016

unwelcome visitors

shiny brown
seeds of doom

whenever we seek you
in daytime
whenever we sleep at
sowing rows

of round red

The relaxed first days of summer vacation are somewhat marred by the discovery of Cimex lectularius in our house.  Luckily they are confined to one room only, as far as we know (the trained sniffing terrier who is coming by today will confirm that, we hope), and they have managed to create a poetic feeling in me, so there's that!

Enjoy the infestation of poetry found today at Random Noodling with Diane.  She's celebrating John Ciardi, whose autograph I cherished in a white wooden jewelry box for many years.  Where could it be now?


  1. Whatever this stuff is, it sounds awful. Hope you get the infestation solved. I am off to a safari in Africa and hoping I don't come home with round red bites.

  2. Oh, Heidi! There was much panic in the NH library-biz when a librarian posted instructions on how to deal with Cimex lectularius. You may like the haiku sticky I posted on Tuesday! Just substitute Cimex for tick. Pediculus humanus could be substituted, too!

  3. Oh no! So sorry! I hope you get them out soon!

  4. Horrors! "Seeds of doom" is right. Hope you are able to get rid of them tout de suite!

  5. Yikes! How nasty. I hope they are easily dealt with.

  6. I am amazed that you have a poem ready for this, and hope that the 'ending' will bring forth more poetry, too. Best wishes. I guess dogs can be trained to sniff anything. . .

  7. How awful! My grandmother once told me that her neighbor threw a lit match into a hole the wall when she saw a bed bug scurry into it! I don't know what happened to the bed bug, but the house is still standing. Hope the terrier doesn't sniff a single "seed of doom!"

  8. Nasty business! It brings to mind our several infestations of siphonaptera. Trouble was I was the only one they liked of the entire family. Hope you outwit these critters very soon and rest easy again!

  9. YIKES!! Hope the terrier's nose confirms a one-room infestation...and that there's a relatively easy fix for the problem!! In the meantime, write more entomological poetry!!


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