Friday, December 7, 2018


Some of us in the Kidlitosphere, in the Twitterverse, are spending December haikuing, just as in 2016, led and inspired by Mary Lee, we haikued for healing. (I now regret attempting to use haiku as a verb.)

This year our friend Catherine suggested modifying our daily writing practice to #haikuforhope, and that is certainly resonating with me...although it does appear that when you're trying to produce a pithy moment each and every day, just about any topic comes to seem like a commentary on hope, if not actually hopeful.

Here are mine so far this week:

Dec. 1

last red branch exhales
catching up in slow motion
refusing to rush

Dec. 2

Sunday morning Spirit Play
we all watch as fog lifts
in a water glass

                                                           Dec. 3

                                                           nothing can pierce this
                                                           afternoon dark
                                                           not even 12-foot Rudolph

Dec. 4

seven-year-olds sit
in silent rows, testing
cold winds test the glass

Dec. 5

unwinding the light
tightening the twinkle
window candles spark

Dec. 6

"we are in trouble"
small hands mold
plasticene landscapes


Dec. 7

Tuesday despair
Friday giddy energy
estrogenic seasons

Participants in this December tradition are Catherine Flynn @flynn_catherine, @MaryLeeHahn, @MargaretGSimon, Linda Mitchell @LindaMitch2783, Molly Hogan @mbhmaine, Julieanne Harmatz @jarhartz, Jone MacCulloch @JoneMac53, Jean LaTourette @mz_lat,  Linda Baie @LBaie, Carol Varsalona @cvarsalona, and @mandyrobek....and probably more.  Join us!

And join the Poetry Friday round-up (what is that? go HERE to find out) hosted by Liz Steinglass today, where there's all kinds of merry and bright.


  1. I am relating so much to your haiku for today. Thanks for sharing your haikuing!

  2. Fun to read these haiku collections. I especially love Dec 5th's haiku!

  3. Thanks for the roundup-in-the-roundup! It's so fun to be writing and sharing little bits (do-able in the midst of all else) with poetry peeps! Our community is a source of hope (and joy)!

    Mine are all here:

  4. I love the thought that "just about any topic comes to seem like a commentary on hope, if not actually hopeful." I feel sorry for the seven-year-olds in silent rows, and "unwinding the light / tightening the twinkle" reminds me to put some lights in our windows to brighten these dark days.

  5. I love when our community writes together. We lift each other in hope with that one little gesture. Your haiku about your kids testing really hit home in my resistant teacher heart.

  6. I'm with your "red branch" "refusing to rush." And your
    "fog lifts
    in a water glass"

    how magical!

  7. I've enjoyed this writing, too, Heidi & seeing what everyone is sharing. I love that "cold winds testing the glass" & all your classroom reflections.

  8. Since hope is my one word, I have really enjoyed this experience. I even tried a tanka of hope. Heidi, will you offer one of your #haikuforhope for my Abundant Autumn Gallery? I hope so. Let me know.


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