Friday, May 25, 2012

how things fit together

I'm consumed this week in finding a suitable (and yet, shall we say, practical) way to honor a grand achievement:  my parents' upcoming fiftieth anniversary.  In my search for a related poem, just as I was becoming frustrated, I found this.

The notes say that it was composed in response to the fiftieth anniversary of the Lego patent, in 2008.  I suppose I could wish that the Lego anniversary coincided exactly with my parents' anniversary, but goodness! Isn't it pleasing when things fit together so variably, so neatly, so interlockingly coupled?


  1. Very juicy. I love the juxtaposition of atoms and legos. And I love the way both get at the idea of the finite combination creating infinite possibilities. It's hard to find good writing about rich, established relationships.

  2. Oh, I love the way your mind works, Heidi! This is great. I probably have that issue of Poetry around here somewhere and it was obviously a month/year I didn't have the wherewithal to tackle its contents. Happy, happy golden anniversary to your parents!

  3. It's an amazing thing, to live together so well, so resiliently and I am surmising that by your discovery, that, like atoms & legoes, there is a plan & a rhythm, but an infinitesimal number of ways to ''be" together and with others. Congratulations to your parents, and thanks Heidi!

  4. I agree with Robyn -- I love the way your mind works!

  5. My parents celebrated their fiftieth a number of years ago. Still together, still happy--so rare! The best gift you're giving yours are the person you've become and your loving interest in their lives.

    Congrats to all.


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