Tuesday, September 11, 2012

OIK Tuesday: hand-ear coordination

This afternoon the Mighty Minnows and I spent a lot of time considering our five senses, and there was a fantastic unexpected development when we closed our eyes and used our noses to smell the aromatic Mr. Sketch marker I grabbed.  It happened to be light green, which smells like mint.  Bertrand thought it was toothpaste, Karina thought it smelled like bubblegum, and Janie surprised me by naming it peppermint right away (or maybe not, since her family is Thai). 

As we discussed minty things, I realized that I could walk them right out into our lovelier-all-the-time school courtyard where parent volunteers have planted a Sensory Garden full of herbs.  We danced to High Five's "Five Senses" song and then we lined up and went--the real deal, only two minutes away! (Go Outdoor Education Committee.)

Cora had suggested basil when I asked if anyone knew what plant those minty smells and flavors came from, so first we all sniffed a leaf of basil.  I was happy to find a great clump of flowering mint, so that everyone (all 16--am I lucky, or what?) could have a sprig to crush and sniff and nibble and take home.  On the way back to the classroom we became the Minty Minnows instead of the Mighty Minnows. : )

Later, after the bus riders departed, the rest of us were singing requests--classics like "Twinkle Twinkle" and of course "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."  Tonya had already taught us the sign language version of The Itsy Bitsy Spider, so I wasn't too surprised when Suzee made this announcement:

"I can sing the Alphabet Song in silent language."


Listen with Your Eyes

Secret clutched in a closed fist:
If you wait one pinky moment
Letting sounds slide towards your thumb,
Eventually they perch like birds on a fence,
Nesting two together on a quiet egg
Till the egg cracks and a beak of song breaks through


  1. a beak of song

    That's it exactly. Very nice.

  2. What a great post! Say hi to the Minty Minnows from The Write Sisters!

    -- Jet

  3. I didn't know you taught the little ones, Heidi. It sounds like a marvelous day, capped by the poem. I like that 'silent language'.

  4. Sounds like the Sensory Garden is doing well -- "Mint for everyone!" I have few herbs, but my parents have a serious herb garden. I "quizzed" my kids on the herbs in my parents' garden once...two of them knew quite a bit, and one of them had no idea, except possibly for mint. Sweet poem!

  5. What an amazing post to follow Tabatha's!

    LOVE the minty minnows!!

    Oh, how I wish I had an Outdoor Education Committee...or even teachers who would bother to take their children to our Land Lab (maintained by this Committee of One) to taste the lemon mint and feel the soft of the lamb's ear or the pricks of the yucca...

  6. Oh, can I come to your class? How wonderful this is.

  7. Once again, I want to be a Mighty Minnow. Or a Minty one. You all have all the fun!

  8. Hi, Heidi. I'm amazed at what you did with this little acrostic riddle. The last line -- wow, I hope your Mighty Minnows continue to sing throughout the year. Thinking of you, my friend!


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