Friday, October 6, 2017

poetry that goes for the jugular

It's Poetry Friday, and if you're new to this blogging tradition, go here for an overview.

Last Friday, our 3rd Poetry Friday of the school year, I presented Colleen Thibeaudeau's "balloon" to go with our Junior Great Books exploration of The Red Balloon.

I also introduced my blog to the class and shared my "Last Saturday in September" poem (not really written for younger kids), after which one young'un, alias Taylor, pressed his fist to his heart and sighed. We all considered with great wonder how two poems about round red things (a balloon, an apple the color of the setting sun) could FEEL so different. 

There ensued a flurry of poetry writing, and by the end of the day one small group had decided they would be writing poems for sale and were making advertising posters!  Folks, I have a class of writers.

Here's the poem that Taylor wrote:

Killer Jaguar Poem

The killer jaguar
killed the chicken with his
sharp claws.  It digged into 
the chicken's body.
It killed the chicken. It
ate the whole entire
chicken.  It got rid
of the chicken forever.


Chilling, no?  Talk about creating a mood.

The roundup today is at Violet Nesdoly / Poems--prowl over and grab some poetry by the neck!


  1. Poems for sale! I love it!
    Does Stephen King write poems? He could learn a thing or two from Taylor.

  2. I'll buy a killer poem, but would prefer it not to be about killing! (I wonder what the story is behind the jaguar poem? A deep-seated fear of chickens?) I look forward to seeing more from your class of writers!

  3. Dude, that chicken is TOAST. I love that he doubles down - it is killed, it's body is clawed, it is eaten, in its entirety, and GONE FOREVER. Taylor did not even leave bones. I love that vehemence!

  4. Oh my! Poets and entrepreneurs! I love it! That jaguar poem is killer. We happened upon a jaguar at feeding time on our last visit to the zoo. Even though this one had a diet of ground beef, I could imagine what it could do to a chicken. Now I'm feeling an urge to go check on my chickens and chase any jaguars away!

  5. You had me at Jugular....and then jaguar...and now I am scared! Well done, Taylor!

  6. You've got poets this year, I've got passionate environmentalists! Fun to see what inspires their imaginations, what they run with, what they make of it. You've got poems for sale, I've got giant posters in the making. Not sure what other upshots there will be...

    "Taylor" knows how to respond to a poem, doesn't he?!?!

  7. Love the passion in your classroom, Heidi - and the poetry. A powerful combination! Also, that is one dead chicken!

  8. How exciting to find a class of writers! I need to talk with you about my second grader. I think I just need to keep exposing her to more and more poems. That you shared your own poetry with your students is so powerful. They know you on a deeper level and will respond with amazing poems of their own. I wish I could visit a poetry lesson in your classroom.

  9. Talk about an intro to the Halloween month! It sounds like you've got a good year of teaching by the jugular. Looking forward to reading more of you students' poems (and yours, of course).

  10. Glad I'm not the chicken. Love the fact your students get into poetry as much as they do, Heidi!

  11. Ha! That chicken is so gone! What fun it is going to be with a room full of poets!

  12. Nuts! There's a book about a little boy writing stories for other children and they pay in objects. I'll be darned if I can think of the title. Your writers would love it! This poem and ensuing enthusiasm is nothing short of awesome!

  13. Strong poem from Taylor, I look forward to see where these young poets venture next, thanks Heidi.

  14. Taylor really have some talents. All the best to Taylor.

  15. Oh MY! May I visit your classroom, please? I can just picture Taylor with his fist to his heart, and I love his killer jagwar.


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