Thursday, June 28, 2018

metaphor dice: a summer game

You know Taylor Mali, right?  Here's how I first met him:

Then just this year somehow I became aware of this:

You know I had to bite, to kick, to start!  So now I own a set of these hefty metaphor dice, which come with some handy suggestions for using them to kickstart a poem.  I'm taking an online memoir class right now, so I and the character I'm becoming are kind of up front in my mind.  Tonight I finally took the time to roll all the dice and find a combination of red, white and blue that seemed to lead somewhere.  I think I'll spend the rest of the summer playing with my dice.


my heart is an unruly mirror
pumping out a steady stream
of stretched and rippled
snapshots of myself

I look in to see who's there
watch myself swelling, shrinking
I look big-headed
I look small-minded

I turn my cheek, try again
feel myself steaming
I am glow-smoking
I am bore-scorching

I cock my ear, listen up
hear myself speechifying
I sound loud-preachy
I sound tense-present

I open wide, follow my nose
smell and taste a desperation
I smell half-baked
I taste double-boiled

my heart is an unruly mirror
there's no trusting these reflections
I need examination
I need the evidence

draft (c) HM 2018

The round-up today is with Carol in her corner--roll on over and see what luck you have.  Poetry Friday is a bootleg blessing.


  1. Well these are right up your alley! What fun! I love your poem and the truth of your metaphor. Nicely done, Heidi!

  2. What a wonderful summer game. It sounds addictive! I just read a quote from Elizabeth Coatsworth about mirrors and your poem brought it to mind. "there is something dangerous about mirrors...What dynamite we handle when we lift a mirror or bend towards one!" Interesting to ponder the power of mirrors!

  3. These do sound terrific, a boost to your word-smithing, and to finding the truth from that "unruly mirror". I like the idea of change when one looks and you've shown those ups and downs in your poem, Heidi. Have fun!

  4. I placed an order for the metaphor dice but I have to wait until they're released. I can't wait to play with them. I love the one you got. How many rolls did it take? This poem really speaks to the heart of your discovery through memoir work. And once again I am attracted by your word play, especially glow-smoking, bore-scorching. Putting these in my notebook.

  5. How fun! When do we get to read your memoir?

  6. Wow. Just wonderful. I can see why you love them.

  7. I want a set of these dice! I love how you stretched the metaphor through the poem. I can't decide where my favorite is big-headed/small minded or twice baked/half boiled!

  8. What evidence will you use, I wonder? Other people's hearts are unruly mirrors, too. Very cool tool, poem, and project, Heidi! You have flexed your creative muscles so often and well that you can hoist fascinating concepts and pull together tight choices!

  9. I think I'll get a set of these dice just for me! Love the wordplay in your poem, Heidi!

  10. What fun! I love the heart as an unruly mirror--so true. Enjoy playing with more metaphors this summer!

  11. I saw so much red in your poem-visually and from the heart references-good questions looking inward–hope they open more journeys for you.

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