Friday, March 29, 2019

looking forward to poetry month?

First things first:  As promised, one commenter on my blogtour post for IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT by Laura Purdie Salas wins a copy of the book, and the winner (courtesy of Random Thing Picker) is....JANET FAGAL!

Now then: what can it mean that I'm at a loss for an April Poetry Month project???

a) I'm too distracted by the burgeoning of spring (and possibly menobrain) to concentrate on anything
b) I've had tons of ideas over the last few months that I just can't remember (see again menobrain)
c) I've grown less structured by grand complicated plans and more able to go with a general intention
d) all of the above

Ah.  And there it is...ALL OF THE ABOVE.

I now choose, for my April Poetry Month project 2019,

a) to be distracted by the burgeoning of spring or anything else that catches my attention, including 
    possibly the unexpected workings of my menobrain
b) to be suddenly struck by an idea I once had & which reappears with a pop (see again menobrain) 
    and usually an exclamation such as "OTTER POPS! They were called Otter Pops!"
c) to be less structured by a grand complicated plan and more able to go with a general intention

turns out you can still buy these...kinda ruins the moment

In other words, I will now become my own Random Thing Picker with the general intention to write a poem--any poem, any length, any form, any style, any topic--each day of this month. 

And also it might be okay to miss a day, because, you know, LIFE.

All of the Above

In the spirit of "growth mindset," "I don't have it...yet,"
"I can't do it...yet," "I haven't learned it...yet,"

I choose it all, all of it, everything,
redhot uncool greedy passion for AllOfEverything




Our host for the Poetry Friday round-up today is Carol at Carol's Corner, where the daffodils are intensely all of the above for just a short while and furthermore don't feel bad about that in any way.  Bloom on over, and see you also on APRIL 1st!


  1. I love every bit of this post, Heidi! Is menobrain really a thing? If so, it explains a lot! I think your idea of becoming your own Random Thing Picker is perfect. Mind if I join you?

  2. You. are. the. best. I love learning from you....and this post is so wonderful because it allows you know, LIFE. And, menobrain. This is the first post I read this morning...and its set up my day just right.

  3. I love your relaxed, go with the flow plan.

  4. I'm sure I'll love every random word, Heidi! Happy spring!

  5. I feel like I really missed out all these years, not having heard of Otter Pops. AllOfEverything sounds good to me. Glad you found/made a plan that works for you!!

  6. Yes, that's my feeling too - forget about the structure and the rules and just let yourself be inspired, what a wonderful way to be! Though I do wish I could blame all my forgetfulness on menobrain.... ;-)

  7. I like your plan and will be reading eagerly! NPM is so overwhelming every year. We really should spread it out more.

  8. Go with the flow-sounds great considering menobrain set in (LOL). Have a great time randomly picking what you are interested in, Heidi.

  9. I love this, Heidi! For some reason, even though I'm signed up for your blog, I don't seem to be getting it. Not sure what that's about. It's definitely worth the extra effort of having to "go to you", and now I can binge read, too! Otter Pops totally cracked me up!


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