Friday, June 4, 2021

truly fried

Pawel Kuczynski

my body is not weary;

I've energy to walk

and bike and swim.

but oh my brain is smeary 


And there is the begining of a little ditty I though I'd try this morning so as to post something, anything--and yet I cannot make it go any were  anyhewre  andywhere anywhere. I am even having trouble typing.

I many not ha lack physical energy, and I'm not definitely lnot tired of the children, but oh, my friends my brain is well and truley fried. ON Tues day I went to bed at 7:30pm. My click rate is adagio at best istned of my usual allegro. Yesterday efternoon I tried to produce some sthings and all I acocompolished wias to  methodically delete tons of emails from my main account. Perhaps that it the poem:

I need to sort


dump the clutter

clear the decks


So this is what is looks like to stall at nearly the end (7more days of AM in-person and Pm virtual PreK) of a year well you know what kinds ofyear, concluding with two seniors graduating and gap years to organize and new drivienr's on the Beltway and internships to support (principally by the loain of one of our cars) and roerganzing all the routines of the hosuefuold around a single car.

Also just realized that our Sunday Swaggers group had a challenge to respons to which got postposned but which I responded to back at the begining of May.  Thank sto Miolly Hogan we read "Today's Sermon" and wrote around it.  Here was my effort and apologies for being out of sync. (PS that poem ended with "thanks for the appreciation but y'all have no idea" but I think my irony missed the mark.)

IT's good to be with you no matter what and I bet I can count aon you all to accept and support me no mather what, but gosh I don't feel like myself today. Hope you are feeling livelier and more focused!

Thanks to fellow SwaggerMargaret for hosting today at Reflections on the Teche, where she is proving organized and proudctive enough for both of us!


  1. Oh, goodness...youput into words what I feel. One more week for me. I'm not physically tired. But, my creativity is suffering in the mental surge required for ending the school year. I just want a nap. Seriously. I want to nap for an entire day, wake up and just sip coffee and be still until I think of something I want to do. It will probably involve scissors, glue and some paint at usually does.

  2. With you from afar! Our school year is not ending as we hoped, but it is ending, and that is a consummation devoutly to be wished.

  3. Heidi, fun post, which must have taken some concentration to misspell so productively! And this took a little brain work--the weary / smeary rhyme. Brava! Hang in there. Hope you have some amazing restful weeks this summer.

  4. Hang in there - the end is almost near! What a year! You certainly have a lot going on and that is the reason for the smeary brain. I have a friend that calls it "twirling." I think you were able to put into words how many teachers feel right now. Great job! And, thanks for sharing!

  5. You've got this. I've spent an entire week untangling my fried brain, and the news from the other side is well and truly good.

  6. Rest, dear one. The fact you posted at all (in such a clever way!) tells me you are a tenacious force of nature who will see this school year through. Then rest, rinse and repeat. :)

  7. "Truly fried" sums it up exactly. I confess I'm a bit envious that you have some physical energy left. I have to move to a new classroom and am bone weary from all the sorting, hoisting, and hauling I've done this week. BTW, deleting old emails is not nothing. I once wrote some found poems using just email subject lines!

  8. I cannot imagine what the year has been like except to give support to the former colleagues I've been in touch with & to read/listen to all of you online. Wishing you brain-healing & a week, this time good, like no other earlier!

  9. My mother in law asked me if I might have mono. Really? No I have end of covid school year mono which is a thing. Hang in there. We’re going to make it.

  10. While not working as a consultant, I am working everyday to organize this house, get my son's disability status transferred to VA, and being the house secretary so I know what tired means. Get some rest, Heidi and know that I appreciate all you do for your little ones who must adore being your students. I left you a comment on your poem (Heidi, I apologize for missing this back in May but so glad that resurrected it for this week's PF in June. Life is a wild ride of virtual happenings so I do appreciate your hybrid preK bulletin.)

  11. I think we've all had those days of our brains feeling smeary (what a good way to express it!). Wishing you newfound reserves of energy and focus for the home stretch of your school year.

  12. Oh, Heidi. Your post makes me want to go back to bed and makes me ache a bit for you. Someone told me (or shared or something) "there's no tired like 20/21 teacher tired". Throw in those graduations--which involve an emotional wallop as well-- and you have a whole lot goin' on. I hope your brain is regaining focus, but maybe it just needs to be smeary for a bit. Would it help to think of it as seeing the world through an impressionistic lens or maybe a pointillistic one instead? Take care of yourself, dear Heidi! Wishing you smooth sailing through these last few days.


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