Friday, March 27, 2009

insisting on spring

Today I'm joining Poetry Friday for the first time, and by way of introducing myself to the PF community, I'm posting a poem of my own for the first time. It's a small celebration of the fact that I received a PDF yesterday of the Boyds Mills Fall 2009 catalog, in which the forthcoming Pumpkin Butterfly is listed (I love saying "the forthcoming Pumpkin Butterfly"; it will be almost sad when it has finally come forth).

In the meantime, I'm keeping my eye on the buds and insisting on spring...


People come crowding to these chilly streets
to see the twisted old cherry trees
crowded with new pink blossoms.

I come walking one week later.
Now the blossoms are breaking,
blowing, blizzarding petal by petal.

The wind lifts them, waves of petals the size of
my thumbnail, sends them rolling,
riding, racing on their ragged edges.

They’re not like tiny, petal-soft wheels—
they really are tiny wheels of softest petal,
pedaling these streets toward summer.


  1. Welcome to Poetry Friday. I'm a pretty new kid on the block myself and am already hooked. Great poem, comparing the petals to thumbnails such a good capture and then loved them peddling towards summer

  2. What a gorgeous poem, Heidi. The second stanza's my favorite, and I love your alliteration. This is a fun one to read aloud.

    Congrats on your forthcoming book! I look forward to reading it. (And welcome to Poetry Friday!)


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