Wednesday, September 22, 2010

more, more, more (how do you like it?)

I made a fine discovery this week--my daughter's new reading teacher is a writer with a YA novel , Falling for Hamlet, coming out next year. I also found that in addition to her personal facebook page, Michelle Ray has a new "writer" page that she's using like a miniblog, if I'm reading it right.

This makes some sense to me, especially since purchase of a cell phone for said daughter has resulted in a new phone for me--a smartphone which is considerably smarter than I am at the moment--and which has downloaded all my facebook contact info.

So I find myself asking, in the interest of a more consistent online writer presence, what goal makes more sense: to double the number of posts to this blog to a whopping TWO per week, or to try and comment more briefly but more frequently on facebook? And (importantly): comment on what? My fervent desire to snatch Hermione's time-turner from around her neck as D2 and I enter Chapter 6 of The Prisoner of Azkaban? And what would be the reason to want a more consistent online writer presence?

All reflections welcome....


  1. I think you've kind of answered your own depends on the content. Are you interested in writing more blog posts or more short comments?

    With the topic of poetry I think you would be able to write thoughtful content in either form. So the question is which one feels right for you? Or do you feel your energy is best used in other ways?


  2. I am cracking up! Michelle just wrote to me to ask if I knew you...she saw that we are facebook friends. She and I are walking-life friends, so this was a weird connection. My phone is smarter than I am too, and I'm not sure what to do about my two facebook spots. It's weird in here, and I'm glad we're all together holding hands. A.

  3. Amy Ludwig VanDerwater sent me this link. It is a small, small world.
    So I'm better with Facebook mini-messages, so yes, it's like a low pressure blog. I'm not much for technology, so it's a first step.
    LOVE your work. Need to buy hard copies now that I've seen the website version.
    And having your daughter in class is a treat. -- Michelle


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