Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I get around

April is fun, fun, fun! We all know that poetry is for all times of year, but what poet isn't revved up by the knowledge that this month a nationwide poetry party is going on all night, all day, all ways? I've had some lovely invitations this time around. Look for my work and what wisdom I have to share at these sites. I'll add specific dates when I know them.

ReaderKidz featured essay, "Making a Meal of Poetry" , up now!

Jama Rattigan's Poetry Potluck:"Lasagna Factory," later this week

Gregory K's 30 Poets/30 Days at gottabook later this month:

"The Playroom Floor Writes a Novel"

And in the March issue of the ALA's Book Links magazine, "April Gale" from Pumpkin Butterfly starts off a game of Poetry Tag in Sylvia Vardell's poetry column and features another of my poems offline.


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  1. Congrats, Heidi! Thanks for putting this list together. Great to have all these links in one place!


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