Thursday, January 12, 2012

2011 Comment Challenge: eyes bigger

Many languages have an expression similar to our "her eyes were bigger than her stomach," meaning the food looked so good that she helped herself to more than she could eat.  We also have "he bit off more than he could chew," which again applies in this situation.

But I feel I want something less epicurean to describe what I have done, and repeatedly do, with the Comment Challenge mentioned in my last post.  I got all inspired because I have been really remiss with comments and have wished to do better.  I even applied Wisdom and set a lower bar for myself (I thought two blog comments per day would be manageable), and I signed on!  Whoo-hoo! New and righteous obligation!

Unfortunately I already see that I can't manage two comments a day, among a number of other things that attract me but to which I shouldn't be committing in the landscape of my current life.

This post is therefore my public and apologetic outbowing from the Comment Challenge.  I think perhaps we do have an English idiom that deftly captures the nature of the situation:

S**t happens.


  1. Love that picture. I'm sure that kid is going to eat that whole thing...

  2. What a cool challenge!
    Evidently there are a lot of "learn English" websites with lists of idioms. Here's the only non-food one I found that has to do with taking on too much. It's not common but I thought it was very cute:

    Juggling Frogs:
    A person who is juggling frogs is trying to deal with many different
    tasks at the same time and finding the situation difficult.
    "I've got so many things to do at the moment, I feel like I'm juggling frogs."

    Good luck with your frog juggling!

  3. Heidi:
    You only need one drop to be juicy!
    No squeezing required!
    Jeanne Poland

  4. Hey, the comment challenge is supposed to be fun, not stressful, so feel free to bail. The picture of the kid and the watermelon was worth the visit to your blog, and I'm having fun poking around.

    I hope the S--t settles for you soon. Best of luck!


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