Saturday, February 25, 2012

SPARK 15: artist/writer exchange

For the second time I signed up to participate in SPARK, a quarterly "inspiration exchange" in which artists and writers are paired up.  Each partner sends the other a piece of work, and then makes a new piece in response to the inspiration she received.  My partner for SPARK 15 is Linda M. Rhinehart Neas, and she sent me the intriguing photo below, entitled "Window Pains."

Yesterday was Day 10, the end of my time to respond to Linda's photo.  I hope my poem does it some kind of justice.

Window Pains

To ash the hands who built the frame
to dust the hands who hung the drape
which taking pains to hammer nails
and taking pains to stitch and so

Painstaking made a house and home
to hold the combs and loaves and soap
that fill and close all cracks and holes
but open doors just out of sight

Blew the weather in and out
wore the boards and warped the house
how time and climate tore it down
the cloth to rags uncovering

Glass the last to fall holds in
panes taking gray gone finger prints
pressing through as kisses did
a spirit of the hands intact

Heidi Mordhorst 2012
all rights reserved


  1. Oh, Heidi! "Glass the last to fall holds in..."

    The loaves and soap and ash and fingerprints. I love this poem, word and cadence, and feel sure that Linda will too.

    Living out here in the country, I drive by many places like this, and now I will think about your poem.

  2. Love this, Heidi! Wonderful rhythms to it.

  3. Dear Heidi,
    I am so honored by your response. Your poem touches on so many of the thoughts I had in creating this piece. Thank you for your efforts.

  4. I love it also--the rhythm, the rhymes, the tone. I really like the sets of words: drape, frame and pains; comb, loaves and soap; wore and warped. I think the poem and photograph make a resonant pair.

  5. Wowsah.

    All of it, but especially the last stanza.

  6. I posted your article to my myspace profile.
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  7. "A spirit of the hands intact" such a beautiful line. You were right, Heidi. I do love this!


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