Thursday, March 29, 2012

hearing voices

Today is the last day of "Marking Period 3" (still wondering why we're not calling it Quarter 3 anymore) and my Spring Break starts tomorrow with a bang--I'll be hosting Poetry Friday! 

I'll be using tomorrow's edition to lead in to National Poetry Month, during which I'll be featuring poems in the voices of the inanimate world.

As humans we do a lot of talking--in my house especially--and it's easy to imagine animals and plants finding language to express their views and emotions.  But it's a little more of a stretch to put words in the nonexistent mouths of things, to hear the voices of the objects around us, and when they come through clearly it's an exciting look into another world.

If you're planning to join in Poetry Friday tomorrow, please consider posting a poem in the voice of an object.  I'll offer two, and look forward to seeing you here!


  1. Hi, Heidi. I'm looking forward to your poetry project. Your poem in the voice of some bricks (were they Humpty's wall?) comes to mind. See you tomorrow for the big poetry party!

  2. Oh I love poems like this! Tomorrow I have something different (wish I had seen this sooner...) but I will do that next week in honor of you and tomorrow's post!

  3. Here's my post for Poetry Friday:
    I am leaving very early in the morning.

  4. Here's my post:

    Some final thoughts on all the ways I "won" in the poetry tournament.

    Happy Spring Break! Poetry Friday was the way i ENDED mine last week!


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