Tuesday, March 5, 2013

hey ho up she rises

So here I am, back just in time to host Poetry Friday on International Women's Day and then compete in the March Madness Poetry Tournament.  Was the hiatus the right thing to do?  Yes.  Is that a way to move forward in the long term?  No. 

It was easy enough and even pleasurable to know that for two months I was off the hook for blog posts, OIK poems, etc., but (Note to Self) it turns out that writing is really rather important to me--you know, like a life-giving elixir.  So I have disengaged from other things (with pangs and regrets) and am trying to Live Local: my family, my class, my schools.  No Big Picture Save the World Fight the Power stuff for now. 

Thanks to those who thought of me when I was gone--it mattered.  I'll be celebrating International Women's Day on Friday and I invite you to post something fitting if you're so moved.  See you Friday!

P.S.  Duncan's doing well, even with the broken arm.

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