Friday, May 24, 2013

out of time

time_travel_ink0I don't really have a post today, and it's not about poetry.  I've been reading, you see, and watching, and there's only so much time in a person's last month of the school year.

A while back I read  A Wrinkle in Time to Duncan (which turns out not to be such a great read-aloud, but we made it work; any thoughts on that assertion?); then we did Percy Jackson 4 (my favorite so far) and most recently we read, quite slowly, When You Reach Me

Simultaneously, and after working to get into it for some weeks, I was reading The Time Traveller's Wife, which has been Daisy's favorite book since the middle of 7th grade.  (We'll go back some time to how I felt when I realized that my barely 13 yo was reading and rereading this adult work of fiction; it felt the same as when I realized she had watched six seasons of "How I Met Your Mother" before I even knew that show existed. Oy.)  Alongside THAT, I've been watching "HIMYM" with Daisy, which is essentially a time-travel experience, and the modern "Doctor Who" with Duncan.

So I have no poetry post today, only a report about how I can't stop thinking about diamond chips on a gold ring and the broccoli patch, Aunt Beast and the Laughing Man and Henry, and whether Rebecca Stead and Audrey Niffenegger have ever exchanged emails, and what it is exactly that Daisy is learning about the art of narrative from Ted (and I hope NOTHING from Barney), and how this whole two-Marcuses or two-Henrys-in-the-same-place-in-time is a slippery concept for me in the same way that subtraction is really slippery for some kindergarteners (including the 5-year-old me).

In the meantime I do have an OIK poem brewing, about the kangaroo's porch...but Calef Brown has probably already written it.

Enjoy Poetry Friday with Jama today!


  1. Nice to hear what you've been up to, Heidi. Time Travelers Wife has been on my TBR list for awhile.

  2. Okay, Heidi - this post is making my head spin a little. But I love all these layered musings! And with my youngest about to jump from the nest (and our baby wrens who literally did so this afternoon in the back yard), thoughts about time are near and dear to me about now. :0)

  3. Hi Heidi! I've read A Wrinkle in Time (but not out loud) and I've seen Doctor Who, but not the rest. It sounds like you have a time travel poem (or two) steeping.

    Ariana had her last day of high school yesterday, can you believe it??

  4. That last paragraph is just like a poem. It reminds me of a guy who recited his parady in the works to us the other day. Fast and funny.

  5. The student I wrote about in my PF post and I read "When you Reach Me" and "A Wrinkle in Time" in that order, which is really the wrong order. We did not read them aloud, though. We both loved the books and our conversations about them. Reading and talking are important food for the writer.

  6. Last year, I let Madeline L'Engle (via Audible audio) read aloud A WRINKLE IN TIME. It was a fine read aloud. If I had looped with ALL of my students, instead of a few, I would have followed it up with WHEN YOU REACH ME.

  7. Wow, Heidi, you have A LOT going on in your house! I read A Wrinkle in Time last summer to my youngest - I TOTALLY agree that it is not a read aloud! But we did enjoy When You Reach Me aloud together after. Thanks for your musings... =)


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