Tuesday, September 23, 2014

OIK Tuesday: signs of fall

Today the Mighty Minnows went out for a very short walk, to notice some signs of fall--you know, the regular ordinary things that tell us that the new season is arriving:  changing leaves, acorns, reddening berries. As we stood under an oak tree at the edge of the parking lot, noticing that all the leaves were still green but that acorns were crunching under our feet, I kept up my teacher refrain:
"Leaves turning red is a sign; acorns on the ground are a sign; berries on this bush are a sign..."

In great excitement Hector interrupted,"I see a sign too!"  I turned to look at Hector's sign of fall and found him pointing to

After 25 years there are still things I should anticipate--and forget to.


Seeing the Signs

I saw an orange leaf
I felt a cool wind
I held a smooth acorn
and felt its bumpy cap

I saw a red berry
I felt the chilly dawn
I held catalpa pods
and heard them rattle-tap

I saw a metal pole
I felt its cold holes
I tried to read this sign
but I'm only five--I can't.


Go read more poetry signs at Writing the World for Kids with Laura the Prolific.


  1. It's hard to know when they are ready to understand that there can be two kinds of signs--they're all little Amelia Bedelias!

    Thanks for the poem, it made me smile.

  2. Cute story and poem, Heidi! The Hectors in the world have much to teach us. :)

  3. LOVE! Thanks for the glimmers of a changing season; & the proof that something never changes - the magic of a five-year-old's perspective!

  4. Hehehehe--love this. And I like how you gave careful and sensory attention to the sign, too, not just the gorgeous nature stuff:>)

  5. I love this! I once said to a five year old in a sandbox--"Watch Skylar's head!" The five year old did exactly that. He watched Skylar's head and actually, it wasn't Skylar's head that needed watching. Your poem is perfect too.

  6. Thanks to Hector for making me smile, (and for inspiring your poem!)

  7. Signs are everywhere! Thank you Heidi and Hector for this poem which is a sign of your time together. *smiling*

  8. And this is why I love the little ones, Heidi, although sometimes middle schoolers don't exactly "get it" either. Your poem is so lean and so good! I admire that.

  9. What a wonderful job you have, Heidi, and what a talent for recording these moments for posterity!

  10. Love it.

    Your minnows are so lucky to have a lead fish who is also a poet who is constantly reading their signs.

    And that word...YET. So important.

  11. Heidi, your post is delightful. Little ones are so precious in what they observe and shout out. I enjoyed your poem, one of the firsts of fall. Please consider writing one for the "Finding Fall" Gallery that I started. (http://beyondliteracylink.blogspot.com/2014/09/falling-into-place-as-season-turns.html)


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