Friday, October 16, 2015


busybusybusy | Sandra Boynton
as sung by Kevin Kline on Philadelphia Chickens (2002)

very, very busy
and we’ve got a lot to do
and we haven’t got a minute
to explain it all to you
for on SundayMondayTuesday
there are people we must see
and on WednesdayThursdayFriday
we’re as busy as can be
with our most important meetings
and our most important calls
and we have to do so many things
and post them on the walls.

we have to hurry to the south
and then we hurry north
and we’re talking every minute
as we hurry back and forth
and we have to hurry to the east
and then we hurry west
and we’re talking every minute
and we don’t have time to rest
and we have to do it faster
or it never will be done
and we have no time for listening
or anything that’s fun.
we have to hurry to the left
and then we hurry right
and we're talking every minute
as we hurry day and night
and we have to have our lunches
that we don't have time to chew
and we have to order many things
in gray and navy blue
but we think supplies are limited
and restrictions may apply
so we'll call the operator
to make sure he's standing by

we have to hurry far away
and then we hurry near
and we have to hurry everywhere
and be both there and here
and we have to send out messages
by e-mail, phone, and fax
and we’re talking every minute
and we really can’t relax
and we think there is a reason
to be running neck-and-neck
and it must be quite important
but we don’t have time to check.
And if not, well--
what the heck.


'Nough said.  Roundup today is with Amy at The Poem Farm.  Be sure to take a break and stop in.


  1. That's great, Heidi! It sums it up perfectly. I am pretty much counting the days until the school musical is over because it sent us right over the top, busyness-wise. It's a good thing that Dash is good at keeping up with college app stuff on his own.

  2. This makes me laugh and makes me sad...that perfect holding of two emotions that a great poem can bring. And it reminds me of another favorite - "A Lazy Thought" by Eve Merriam. "It takes a lot/Of slow/To grow." This really got me, Heidi. Great fast meter and love the surprise ending too. I hope you get some down time! Happy Poetry Friday. xo

  3. This is terrific, Heidi! Sandra Boynton is great--she captures the essence of "busyness" in a fun way, yet is able to highlight the silliness of it all. People are just *much* too busy these days...thanks so much for sharing this today!

  4. And I am now supposed to be retired, but still am 'busy, busy, busy". I am imagining that you are sharing this with your students? Thanks for the reminder to 'slow down".

  5. Oh, yeah! Perfect. Why do we do this?

  6. Brilliant poem, Heidi. Finding balance is the golden nectar of life.

  7. Yup. Did you catch a glance of my weekend to-do list when you got the idea for this post?!?!

    Peace to you...calm moments in which to breathe, celebrate, and notice.

  8. That sums it up quite nicely. This poem could be viewed with laughter or fear of what we are becoming in our busyness.

  9. Put on the brakes! I hope your weekend includes time for rest.

  10. Ha! We have this CD, though it's been a LONG time.... Now I must go and listen to it in its entirety.

  11. This poem is so fascinating - I love how frantic it feels, I might try and read it aloud to myself later to see how it translates!


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