Friday, March 18, 2016

invitation to sing (and eat ketchup)

To all my Poetry Friday and Other Friends--

At this time of year, we begin to feel a little tickled by the rising anticipation, don't we?  It's not just spring that's in the air, but the knowledge that spring brings....


Last year I was audience for the National Poetry Month projects of others, but in March I stretCHed myself with the "Forward...MarCH" project.  This year, inspired by Tabatha's "Poem-Song Match-Up" project, I'm going to spend April posting Poetry-Music Match-Ups, and I'd like to invite you to submit your pairings.

The airwaves are wiiiide open!  You can submit:
  • your own poem with music that you've realized goes with it, 
  • your own music with a poem that goes with it,
  • someone else's poem with someone else's music to match, 
  • song lyrics that you find particularly poetic,
  • poems written AS song lyrics
  • poems inspired by songs,
  • songs written about poems, 
  • poems written about songs, 
  • favorite nursery rhymes (which often have tunes),
  • and any other poetry-music combinations that make sense to you.
I ask only that we are all very careful with attribution.

I'll aim to have a daily posting, but I'll need to queue them up during Spring Break, so I would love to have your submissions starting any time now through Saturday, April 2.  (I'm sure I'll be willing to take them after that, too, but it will be harder to be organized!).  Send your ideas, texts, videos and links to me here.

Here's a Poetry-Music Match-Up to give you the idea--


There's no use pounding 
the bottle of March.
The ketchup of April--
concentrated cherry blossoms,
tulips, pink bunny noses, Poetry Month--
will take its time
and be worth it.
On the first day, finally,
all us fools for poetry
will watch it come
sliding out,
thick, sticky, sharp and sweet,
to dress the burger of spring with--

Shoot! why wait?
These are the good old days!
Pass me the ketchup and a spoon.

(c) HM 2016



  1. So clever! Love the poem and the idea of matching poems and songs.

  2. Ha! Love it all. And I can't help hearing Garrison Keillor's "Ketchup" commercial jingles from The Prairie Home Companion in my head.... ;0)

  3. You had me at those opening lines -- perfect! Fun match-up, Heidi :-)

  4. I did a match-up of sorts today at Kurious Kitty! I'll see if I can come up with something else for you!

    "all us fools for poetry" Indeed!

  5. Your poem is so clever, and I love these match-ups! I'll keep my eyes and ears open for one.

  6. Who ever thought of April being the ketchup bottle and spring the burger? Love it! I might have something for you poem/song-wise.

  7. Hi Heidi, so glad to hear you'll be taking up Tabatha's poem/music match-up baton! Love your anticipation connection. Hip hip hooray for April's poetry bounty!!!

  8. It's a lovely idea, and you've given me an idea with that burger/ketchup pairing, Heidi. I wonder if there is a poem to be found in commercials? Your poem would make Heinz happy!

  9. What a great way to celebrate poetry. I love writing about music and song in my poetry. I searched my website and found a lot of possibilities. Here is one:

  10. Maybe I can match some Glenn Miller or Benny Goodman with my Bygones poems!

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