Friday, March 11, 2016

52 divisible by 13

I'm a fan of prime numbers.  They feel edgy and interesting to me, instead of predictable, compliant and orderly like, say, 24, with all its evenness and multiple factors.  2 always feels like an impostor here, but there are so many numbers to love in this list!  I'm particularly partial to 7, 11, and 13.


And "prime"--an interesting choice of word for these numbers of quirk and independence. Now I find that in mathematical terms, these numbers are "first" and most basic, rather than particularly complex and interesting like their surrounding composite numbers.  Shows how mathematical my thinking tends to be.

I muse on this because my daughter mentioned, along with her Happy Birthday wish, that 52 is a good number, being divisible by 13.  I flipped that and began to think of my years divided into 4 even quarters:

01-13 childhood
13-26 youth
26-39 adulthood
39-52 parenthood

Those don't line up quite evenly with the actual periods or stages of my life, but close enough to want to come back and explore it.  

But....on to Poetry Friday!

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