Friday, July 15, 2016


When is the new year?
not on the calendar's first day
of January,
not even on the solstice night
of winter,
not the solstice day of June.

The new year arrives
on some
unmarked day
of summer, when

an unnamed energy,
submerged in
sun and water and soil,
counts a number of ticks
known only to its own
atomic clock

and rested, wakes,
resonates, reanimates,
swings its pendulum
of light, wet and polished,
beaming up
the new year.

draft (c) HM 2016

The roundup today is with Mary Lee (Moo!) at A Year of Reading.


  1. I like the idea that NEW can arrive unannounced and unnoticed by all except the one for whom it's intended.

  2. I think that's how middle age arrives, too. Like an unmarked package on the front stoop.

  3. I like how you change the perspective on a new year. It does not begin January 1. A new year can begin whenever you want or need it to. :)

  4. A life force that knows its own calendar arrives unexpectedly. Such a promising thought.

  5. Lovely.
    As a teacher, a new year for me is always the first day of school. Jan.. 1st is nothing compared to the excitement of a year of learning.
    Thank you for sharing.
    My favorite line is "and rested wakes" it's what I am doing during the so called "summer break" (been pretty busy--no break for me yet). However, I get to sleep past 5 am if I want to and I am resting my brain so that it can be refreshed.

  6. Like Linda above, I thought teacher, but your "new year" reminded me of those who are beginning to think of this year coming, energy rising, ready and excited. It's a poem that can speak to anyone, Heidi. Nice to read and think about.

  7. I have the rest part down. I'm waiting for the renewed energy for the coming year. I love the theme of this poem, that we can be renewed at any time of year.

  8. I feel it can apply to students, too, who wake up & realize they actually want to return to school, possibly reinventing themselves in some way. (I always did but maybe I'm weird!)

  9. A new year, a new beginning can happen anytime it is necessary or warranted. Your poem is full of optimism. Thank you, Heidi! =)


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