Friday, August 19, 2016


kudzu canyon
 that which causes wonder and astonishment, 
being an extraordinary effect or event in the physical world 
that surpasses all known human or natural powers 

clay shaped and baked into flowerpots
flavors of basil, mint, oregano

symmetry of the cat's markings
silent din of dawn
but also
engineering of a glossy magazine
interlock of Lego bricks

and look--¡mira!
closure technologies: button, zipper, snap
scrubbable, self-healing, waterproof skin

kudzu canyons stretching for miles
traffic flowing easily, ever
and what about
babies, born to laugh
ready shower of hot water

clean sweetness of Cheerios, blueberries, milk
daily delivery of mail

"all known human and natural powers,"
every one, and
every one a miracle

draft (c) Heidi Mordhorst 2016


Today's Poetry Friday roundup is hosted by Dori at Dori Reads.  Go catch some breathy bubbles of poetry!


  1. Beautiful, Heidi. This poem gives me a taste of the jumble and joy that is summer.

  2. Just yesterday I was marveling over how well stoplights work, so reliable. "Babies, born to laugh" is my particular favorite :-)

  3. Lovely, yes, all of them miracles. I think we should all write list poems about miracles.

  4. So many miracles when you stop to count them. :-)

  5. Wonderful list poem! My fave - symmetry of the cat's markings. A beautiful miracle indeed.

  6. I do like this. It makes me want to sit up and take notice. My favorite lines:

    "closure technologies: button, zipper, snap
    scrubbable, self-healing, waterproof skin"

  7. Love.
    And my favorite is exactly the part Violet loved best.

  8. Ah. Lots of kudzu around my neck of the woods turning telephone poles, trees, even houses into haunting sculptures. What a wonderful list of miracles.

  9. Wow. That kudzu. I'm thinking it must be a lot like cat's claw here. But so much worse. And yet there is that certain beauty in the lush, green creations.

  10. We are reminded in your poem of the miracles of every day. I love the self healing skin. What a miracle.

  11. "mira!" - so many miracles if we'd just look. Love the inclusion of "closure technologies: button, zipper, snap" - and velcro! Great reminder, Heidi. =)

  12. I love how you bring so many disparate things together, from zippers to pop culture to familiar breakfasts, and remind us of the beauty of miracles in all of it.

  13. Such joy. Gorgeous. I want to pair this with "Aimless Love" by Billy Collins and a cool glass of chardonnay. xxx


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