Friday, November 25, 2016

singing gratitude

Being a "general optimist," my reactions to the current state of the world lean resolutely towards whatever there is to appreciate, whatever there is to celebrate, whatever is good.  In that spirit, today I offer some grateful words I sang to my children at bedtime, composed as a more-than-Christian variation on a hymn tune my mother sang to me.  They're intended to be both soothing and, the next morning, rousing.

There is so much to be thankful for, so many blessings to fight for.

Hymn at Bedtime

All praise to thee, bright world, this night
For all the wonders of the light.
Keep me, oh, keep me till sunrise
Beneath thy deep and endless skies.

Thanks for the trees and for the birds;
Thanks for the silence and the words;
Thanks for the blue and for the green;
Thanks for the places I have been.

Thanks for the water and the wind;
Thanks for the drum and violin;
Thanks for the honey on my bread;
Thanks for this place to lay my head.

And when tomorrow comes the day
I’ll wake and shake the dark away,
Greeting each creature of the earth
With gifts of warmth and strength and mirth.

        (c) Heidi Mordhorst 2001

The Thanksgiving round-up is with Carol at Carol's Corner.  I'm thankful for all of you who make this community for all of us.


  1. This warms my heart more than you know. Hymns sustain me. I've always been in the choir loft in our church, sitting where the slaves sat so many years before. Something humbling about it that feeds my spirit. I love your hymn of Thanksgiving. Keep looking for the good. It's there in abundance.

  2. Simply lovely. Church and hymns such as this were a regular part of my childhood. I no longer go to church though I do miss the beauty of that music. Love your variation and the reminder of all that there is to celebrate. Thank you.

  3. I physically sighed when I read this. Yes, let's celebrate and honor what is beautiful. It strengthens us for the days ahead and allows us to rest easy. This is absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to write one for my own children. I just might. Happy Thanksgiving Heidi. You and your words are a blessing.

  4. Thanks, Heidi, this is a lovely thank you that's good to share.

  5. As Molly said...simply lovely. Perfect in every detail. Yes to thanks and "general optimism," and yes to fighting for our blessings.

  6. What a beautiful hymn, and one that could apply to so many different religions and beliefs and worldviews - we can all give thanks for the wonders of our world, no matter what else we believe in.

  7. That's lovely, Heidi. I like that it is meant to be both soothing and rousing.

  8. Beautiful music. Lyrics to live by. Thank you, Heidi.

  9. Love your optimistic spirit, Heidi and the prayer/hymn you shared.

  10. Gratitude makes one happier. That basic precept is so key to being happy. Great hymn.


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