Friday, February 24, 2017


I will not complain, not one bit, about this stretch of persistent spring weather--65* to 75* every day for a week, although I know what it augurs.  As my daughter (aka The Future) says, we might as well enjoy it while Earth lasts.  So for now it's a slow cooking we're in....and in that spirit, on Friday morning I posted only the beginning of this InstaDraft TM. Saturday morning I'm finishing it off.

Allium, Part I

Am I onion? one large bulb
a single layered heart
ready to shed my
brittle paper jacket
ready to loosen membranes
fall into rings
tears springing easily
when cut

Or am I garlic? one fat clove
of the many pressed in
puzzlewise together
bound in a thin tight skin
like a head full of brain
whose barrier fights back
must be sliced
or crushed

Either way:
pliant snap of faintly green-white
wet sting, sticky
resistance of ivory ooze and bite--
either way,
into the hot pan,
in the puddle of melting butter
I land.

Allium Part II

I settle, I saute,
gently jumping in the fat.
Slow the sizzle
to a bubble.
Let me simmer,
edges golden browning,
softening, curling.  Sugar
overcomes sharpness,

slow roasting to striped
ribbons, ovals of savory scented
caramel sweetness.
I am reduced,
both destructed and created,
recreated. Onion  or garlic?
All I am
is cooked.

(c) HM 2017

There--garnished and served up.Get it while it's hot.

The round-up today is with Karen at her shocking clever blog.  Run your roots on over to taste the beneficial sulfurs of today's posts.


  1. Hello Heidi,
    We are alium fans (only Sicily genes course thru my hubby). You have captured the stove scene aromatically.
    Licking my lips over it. Especially return to
    "pressed in
    puzzlewise together.:)

  2. I have been lamenting the warmth, due to what it augurs -- I'm glad you are enjoying it. And I like that you trademarked InstaDraft. Looking forward to part II :-)

  3. Yum, i can smell it now. The basis for so much good food, in every culture.

  4. Mmmm....whether garlic or onion, as long as it's cooking in lovely butter or oil and filling my kitchen with its delicious aroma, I'm a happy camper! :)

  5. Heidi- Wow! You are so creative! Sometimes I'm an onion and sometimes garlic! : () It's 76 degrees here today! I'm just hoping winter doesn't decide to make an appearance in March! We're spoiled now!

  6. The aromatics of your poem drifted over so here I am. Yum. Want more.

  7. Many great lines. I like:
    "one fat clove
    of the many pressed in
    puzzlewise together."

    But oh dear. If what we have now augurs more of the same, we're in for some chilly springs! I woke to snow this morning in our southwest corner of Canada. So here your onion would be shiveringly hanging onto her layers.

  8. This reminded me of dinner preparations (shrimp scampi) this evening...especially that last stanza.

  9. Like Brenda said, I can smell it now! We grow our own allium three ways here: onions, garlic, and chives, and I'm looking forward to gardening season!

  10. What a delicious poem, Heidi. Thank-you for creating a chorus of tummy-rumbles!!

  11. You have artfully created a tasty metaphor poem. Love the layers and the aromas. We have azaleas blooming in February. They usually bloom in March, but the warmer weather makes for nice long walks, so I am not complaining.

  12. I like the idea of Instadraft, what I guess we are doing with Laura Shovan's group. Cold and snow returned here a couple of days ago after spring warmth, and bulbs rising. Love this, Heidi, a clever look at bulbs we all enjoy.

  13. ha! it. Oh, slow cooking sounds so good until one realizes that one is the morsel to be eaten. Your post reminds me of the old Twilight Zone episode, 'To Serve Man'
    The poetry is delicious. I really like the bunch of brains that garlic is and that sweet overcomes sizzle. Have a great week.

  14. Yep, I'm definitely an onion! Love what you have cooked up here, Heidi!

  15. "Both destructed and created..." I love it! And I'm looking forward to the all Billy Collins episode on Friday!

  16. Oh, now I'm so hungry. I think I am alternately onion and garlic, depending on the day, circumstance, mood..ultimately "both destructed and created,
    recreated." -- Love that so much, Heidi.


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