Friday, March 17, 2017

Ireland O Ireland

I tried to write with ire about Ireland, but my associations are all too jolly, somehow.  Those leprechauns are powerful.

Linguistic Jig

There's Donegal, Dublin and Derry,
Kildare and Kilkenny and Kerry;
To the east Meath and Louth,
with Cork to the south;
In the middle is old Tipperary.

And we mustn't forget County Limerick--
it gives us that verse with a glimmerick
of fiddle and whistle,
of bodhran and thistle--
the limerick is more than a gimmerick!

To begin you belabel the folk:
"There once was a man in a cloak."
You then rhyme his tale,
Perhaps sprinkled with ale,
And end with a right bawdy joke.

Enjoy the below, and then jig on over to Life on the Deckle Edge for today's round-up with Robyn!


  1. Love it, Heidi! Your last limerick is a wonderful definition.

  2. I love it! It's hard to write with ire about Ireland--or in the form of a limerick.

  3. You've met all the advice from Today's Little Ditty and Alice Nine who wrote the hoe of limericks today. I think with one limerick, you just showed us "how" also. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Heidi!

  4. This is amazing, Heidi! Love your made-up words "glimmerick" and "gimmerick."

  5. oh, my gosh that is fantastic. Well, done! I love the gimmerick and glimmerick. lol. Did you have a sip or two of ale yourself to get into the mood of this. I can hear the pub music in the background. Have a great week. I really need to try a limerick....just for the fun of it.

  6. I love the touches of irreverence and joy in your limericks. I love that you made up a word, too. The limerick gives you lots of room for silliness.

  7. That was wonderful! I like how you got the definition in and all those references to Ireland. Brilliant!

  8. Fantastic, my friend - I think you had a leprechaun on your shoulder during composition, now, didn't-je? XO

  9. What a wonderful limerick Heide, I feel like I took a trip into county Kildare accompanied by the sweet music to boot, thanks for all!


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