Thursday, September 28, 2017


I was browsing the Poetry Foundation site, feeling a little worn down and out, a little belowed by the falling leaves and the waning day, when I came across Eileen Spinelli's "First Saturday in June".  Here's where it led me.

The Last Saturday in September

just happens to be the last day of
September altogether, with the
sun red and yellow and speckled
like the apple in my hand,
like the leaves of the tree
I'm sitting under.

These are tinder, kindling colors,
the fire of fall just catching
and me just catching the sundown,
watching, mouth full, the dropping
ball at the end of the new
school year, when it all turns

I don't much like endings--
not the last bite of  apple,
not the sun going down,
not the dwindling light,
and not the last embering day
of September.

draft (c) HM 2017

The round-up today features poems about reading by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, hosted by Laura Purdie Salas at Writing the World for Kids.


  1. "These are tinder, kindling colors" I truly love this line (and the whole poem), Heidi!

    1. I was thinking the same thing! Also love the mood of the "last embering day of September."

  2. Poignant poem, Heidi. Reads more final than draft.
    The sentiment makes me think of a song that says you can't keep the sunsets from fading, so you have to live like you're jumping off a rope swing. Take a wild leap into October!

  3. I hear some empty-nesting lamenting in this poem, drenched with endings as it is. I've always thought of endings as possibilities, as opportunities, forks in the path, moments for adventures. That is, when I'm not trembling and upset. Lovely poem.

  4. Gorgeous, my friend. Gorgeous. (And cheers to Eileen for the inspiration!)

  5. There is that feeling you've captured, all the leaving that the final Saturday holds. I wonder if we love the beauty so much because we're holding on? This is gorgeous, Heidi, and like Diane, I love "These are tinder, kindling colors."

  6. I love this poem. I think you and I must feel the same about September! I could have Septembers all year.

  7. Heidi, as I reread this, I feel in love with stanza 2, especially the first three lines. They provided a beautiful visual for what I picture Autumn Ablaze to be. Since this is the title of my fall gallery, I hope that you consider offering this poem and photo for my gallery. I agree with the others that your poem is more than a draft.

  8. Beautiful poem! I can't even choose a favorite line with so many images and feels to choose from. At least October is coming.

  9. Wonderful poem - I love the last stanza and especially the lines:
    "not the last embering day
    of September."
    Thanks for a lovely embering end to September.

  10. This paints a lovely warm and comforting visual for someone who is in the brittle hot ember-igniting phase of a too-soon sizzling-summer scorcher. (How is it that we always manage to skip right over spring?!?) *wilts*

  11. Heidi, that's a WOW! What a gorgeous poem. Just this week I was seeing teachers disappointed with the "turns ordinary" moment of school. One in particular was so disheartened. I will have to share this poem with them. It's such a lovely way to express the passing of September. I need an apple while I sit with my dog on the deck watching this sun rise on this last day of September.

  12. All day today, I'll think about the "tinder," the "kindling" and the "embering" of September.


  13. This is such a lovely poem. I love the true expression of your voice. The sounds of the words reflect the tone of an ending, dropping, kindling, dwindling, embering.

  14. Oooh. Well. This is just amazing. I especially love "These are tinder, kindling colors," and those ending two lines. Masterful--and so evocative. This poem catches the day and holds it in its hand, too.

  15. Fall is such a poignant time - so incredibly beautiful, yet so fleeting, and followed by the long, hard winter. It's a time of beauty, and sadness, but makes much such wonderful poetry!

  16. "the last embering day" AWWW, I love this. Your words tug at my heart. I don't do well with endings, too sad!

  17. Like everyone else, I love every line of this lovely poem, but "the last embering day" is one I'll remember.

  18. Wow! There's so much to love in this beautiful, melancholy poem. Its mood really resonates with me these days. Like so many others have noted, the phrases "tinder, kindling colors" and "last embering day" are fabulous.

  19. "...the fire of fall just catching" generated some amazing images for me, Heidi, despite the sadness of September coming to an end.

  20. I like "The Last Saturday in September," especially the middle stanza, the call and response between the colors, your "mouth full," and the ball and each line rhythmically catching the last one and moving into the next. Eileen Spinelli is a favorite of mine, I can definitely see the weaving of lines back and forth between her poem and yours. Thanks!

  21. I love how "embering day" echoes "September." You're such a fine poet, Heidi!

  22. I don't like endings either. Thanks for the poem!

  23. Your poem affected life?! Yes, you can share your lovely poem and its great "after story" with the world... Submit now on


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