Thursday, December 14, 2017

art of losing: 109 earrings

I've attempted to continue my art of losing PoPerDayMo project, but temporarily lost control of my time and a number of opportunities to write this week.  I'm not losing heart, thought--will try to catch up while you try to count the earrings in the collage below...

Dec. 8
So Many Earrings, 1976 -

  lost and found  lost again lost in a pocket lost in a bag lost one then the other
lost and kept the mate kept the mate kept the mate kept the mate until it
was time to make an artwork out of them
  lost the same
pair of silver hoops over and over again  lost getting 
into the car lost getting out of the car lost pushed
out by a scarf  luckily never lost in a cat fight 
lost in the classroom  found at the end 
of the year  lost on the dresser  lost
in the bathroom
  blown off 
the sink by the hair dryer 
lost in the wastebasket 
lost so regular
that my Villa
Voice person
ad noted                      my
of 10                                    9

I wonder
how many
I've lost in a
lifetime of 


draft (c) HM 2017

The round-up this week is hosted by Diane at Random Noodling.  Which reminds me that I discovered at age 26 that you could dye dry pasta with food coloring and peroxide for some very intense hues, and then string those bad boys into some really great-looking earrings!  Seems like alcohol is recommended now...
Image result for dyed pasta earrings


  1. Yes, I hear you, Heidi, on the lost earrings! I have many a solitary earring in my jewelry box. Your poem is wonderful! I'm good at getting earrings stuck in my sweaters, too, while still in my ears!

  2. Lost earrings.. yes I can relate! I've got one loner I have been saving for YEARS in hopes that the other will turn up... dang, I loved those earrings. xo

  3. We've both found earring solace in poetry! I wrote a senryu about lost earrings last year. My latest thing to lose is my Fitbit Zip. I lost one in May, and bought another. Sunday, somehow, the new one slipped off my waistband and is now lost, too. I'm really finding it hard to justify buying another at $59 a pop! By the way, is that your earring heart? I love it!

    1. Why yes, yes it is. Is it better to keep it and yearn, or to toss it and be free?

  4. I've made a lone earring into a necklace before (I couldn't bear to let it go). Wow, pasta's been a long time since I've thought about those!

  5. Yep. Lost one a while ago and threw away the mate only to have the lost one show up. Darn it.

  6. A great way to creatively use earrings, in a work of art as well as poetry.

  7. I decorated a Christmas stocking with single earrings. It's hard to give them up when you might find the other at any moment! Great poem.

  8. I have one part of a jewelry case full of my losses, and sad to say, a very favorite went into the ocean when hit by a big wave! My favorite part is the loss of the silver hoops over and over again. They must belong to you, Heidi! And some say 'karma' is not real. Thanks for another of these fabulous poems.

  9. Oh yes, I've lost too many earrings to count. I've started wearing mismatched pairs (inspired by an art teacher friend), but I like the collage, too.

  10. I have never been able to toss broken and solo earrings...and now you've given me an idea of what to do with them!

  11. I've only got a few. Maybe I haven't been wearing enough scarves?

  12. This is a really fun poem Heidi, and as everyone else here has added, hits home. I like the dangling letters/earrings in the mid to bottom of your poem too. I have lost my share of earrings–the good majority of them I'm still holding onto in hopes that perhaps they will turn up or maybe turn into a pendant necklace… Here's hoping we find them, thanks!

  13. I love how you played with the form of this poem, Heidi. I've got a collection of single earrings too, but my most painful jewelry loss is of a pendant with a small pressed Queen Anne's lace. It was given to me by a dear friend after the death of my aunt at age 47 from cervical cancer. Maybe I need to write a poem about this. Thank you for the inspiration!

  14. It's not funny....but I found myself smiling. Because, dang it, so many little things lost. And, they aren't expensive but were mine. I hope the pixies who run away with these things enjoy them as much as I did. Great poem and I love the interesting form. Makes you stop and think in the best way.

  15. So clever, Heidi! I love the earring shape of your poem as well. The artsy re-purposing of all those lost earrings is pretty and inspirational. (I think I hear my collection of singletons stirring in their dark box!)


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