Friday, January 19, 2018

cybils poetry finalists

This year I'm serving again as a final-round judge for the Cybils Poetry Award, which you can read all about by clicking the link.  In this arduous but pleasant task I'm joined by four other children's and young adult literature bloggers whom you should get to know, if you don't know them already!  They are:

Joy Acey at Poetry for Kids Joy
Linda Baie at Teacher Dance
Kate Hillyer at Kid Book List
Buffy Silverman at Buffy's Blog

The nominated books this year range widely from humorous to historical, from parody to honorifics, from collections for the youngest to a Greek myth versified for the YA set. And here (drum roll, please) are the seven contenders this year:

David Elliott
ISBN: 9780544610606

Fresh-Picked Poetry: A Day at the Farmers' Market
Michelle Schaub
ISBN: 9781580895477

I'm Just No Good at Rhyming:
And Other Nonsense for Mischievous Kids and Immature Grown-Ups
Chris Harris
ISBN: 9780316266574

Keep a Pocket in Your Poem: Classic Poems and Playful Parodies
J. Patrick Lewis
ISBN: 9781590789216


Miguel's Brave Knight: Young Cervantes and His Dream of Don Quixote
Margarita Engle
ISBN: 9781561458561

One Last Word: Wisdom from the Harlem Renaissance
Nikki Grimes
ISBN: 9781619635548

Out of Wonder: Poems Celebrating Poets
Kwame Alexander   
ISBN: 9780763680947

What a treat, to have to dig deeply into these seven books over the next month!  The winner will be announced, by tradition, on Valentine's Day, lending a new poetic flavor to the celebration of LOVE!

Our round-up today is  at A Journey Through the Pages with Kay (aka Ms. McGriff). Mail yourself over to join the panoply of postcards!


  1. What a wonderful short list. I hope you have fun reading. I don't know how you could ever pick. Yet, I will look forward to seeing your selection.

  2. Like Brenda, I am not sure how you can pick! They look rich and tasty, and will certain leave poetry dribbling out of your mouth.

  3. I've enjoyed my stints as a round-two judge. This year's selections make me regret not signing up again! Have fun.

  4. Enjoy your judging! It looks like a wonderful list.

  5. It is a great list, Heidi. I imagine a lot of good conversations coming up! Thanks for posting!

  6. Yowzers. I haven't read the books - but I've seen them mentioned on the rounds, and been enticed. On the one hand... Lucky you! On the other hand... I wouldn't want to be in your shoes! :)

  7. Hooray for so much wonderful poetry! Out of Wonder and One Last Word are amazing collections, and Bull has been on my list for a while. Thank you for all the hard work you've put into judging, Heidi!

  8. I did not volunteer this year, but looking at your list, I wish I had. I already own three of them. It's going to be tough to choose. Good luck!

  9. I love seeing this list! I have my favs. When will you decide?

  10. These all look good. Now to add even more books to the list of books I want to read. Enjoy digging into these.

  11. Thanks for serving as a judge, Heidi! And thanks for adding to my To Read list :D

  12. What a difficult choice to make, picking only one from this brimming fine collection. Happy reading Heidi!

  13. Your poem affected life?! Yes, you can share your lovely poem and its great "after story" with the world... Submit now


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