Thursday, March 1, 2018

Hey Dr. Seuss...

Image result for happy birthday dr. seuss
...a poem found in 2nd grade.

Hey Dr. Seuss,

Thank you.
You create the best books ever. 
All your books are funny!
You have really the best ideas and the best pictures.

How do you have all these wonderful ideas?
How do you come up with the characters?

How much days did it take to make one book?
How many days did it take to make all of your 45 books?
Are you rich?

I like how you make rhymes.
Why do you add so much rhythm?
Do you have more ideas?

How are you still alive?!

I'm sorry that you died.
Can you come back and read to us?

I love you and your books.
Good job being famous.
Thank you.

from Second Grade

The round-up today is with Renee at No Water River.
Good job being hostess.  : )


  1. Good job being famous! How many days did it take to make all of your 45 books? (Days?)
    Charming poem -- thanks for sharing it, Heidi. :-)

  2. Good job being famous... LOL So funny, all these questions. How easy life seems from that height.

  3. This is a great idea, Heidi. I love all your students' questions. Dr. Seuss definitely did a "good job being famous!"

  4. What fun! "Good job being famous" was a great ending. LOL

  5. "Are you rich?" - I love kids' directness. If they have a question, they ask it! :-D

  6. Such goodness surrounds this week of celebration. I love "Good job being famous!"

  7. Ha! Good job being famous. :) :) :) Love those 2nd graders, and fantastic found poem, Heidi. Hope you'll sign up for this year's Progressive Poem! xo

  8. I think many of us love "good job being famous", Heidi. I love your 'found' poem, imagine that you find a poem every day, right? I think a few others celebrated Dr. Seuss today. I saw someone driving today wearing a 'Cat In The Hat" Hat. It made me happy all day!

  9. What a sweet poem! Perfect for Dr. Seuss' birthday.

  10. So cute! I love "Good job being famous" and "How are you still alive?!" Though there's much to love about writing with fourth graders, I do miss writing with younger kids.

  11. Such a fabulous creation, Heidi! I especially loved lines 14-16. I believe, though, that you forgot the extra "e" in line 15. "dieed." LOL

  12. I love these questions and comments included in your poem. They sound an awful lot like the questions my middle-schoolers would ask authors!


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