Thursday, May 10, 2018

a little slice of earth: free verse poems by 2nd graders

No fancy introduction today;  just the glory of sensory poems
inspired by one "little slice of earth," composed by 7-8's!

the clover
      by Caleb

three leaves
smooth stem
clover blowing
in the wind
very fragile

purple flower
   by Eldana

purple bulbs
light scent
lemon orange
very peaceful
smooth and
hairie  soft
and greenie!

Black cracked stick     
                  by Eric

Its smooth wood
makes me slow
like a sloth, I hear
nothing. it’s peaceful like
a mouse.  all I smell 
is grassy dust.  that’s right.


   by Max

clover   round    3
circles   soft   green


    by Ines

green like
a pillow
long and
smells like
a little blue
very good
for me!

purple poem
   by Xavier

a smooth stem
green and brown
air   purple flowers
leaves   the colors
                                green and purple

A Different Stick 
      by Patrick 
    looks like 

    by Sophia

A hairy soft
smells like
looks like a lion
from the top.
Root is smooth and
smells like a soggy
wet dog!

Rocky Mountain
       by Elena

Gray and sparkly
rough and
bumpy     nothing
but  blank!
It’s just a thing
peaceful and quiet
Nothing to be
                                 heard but something
                                 to seek

     by Kathy

bright clover
light green
silent and fuzzy
smells vegetabley and

Beautiful purple flower
    by Tyler

Purple flower smooth and
U purple flowe
R. green smooth leaves
Purple leaves smooth & soft
Like dog’s fur.

Elegant purple flower


Two Rocks
by Ziva

Piece by piece broken
and clean slowly chipping
away.  Clanking four
sounds, bink, chip, clip and pip. 
              white and light gray 
   building  together 
look like waves from an 
ocean’s weather.

       by Henry

fluffy dandelion
       and green
       like vanilla
      gasoline its
fluff is like
a lion’s mane
soft like fur

purple flowers
     by Arya

purpleflowers greenleaves wildbreeze

roots   leaves     slowly growing

wind  blowing    roots  growing

rain    pouring    sun  growing  

And there you have it!  I guess it's hard to bemoan my own slow pace of writing when I'm busy helping this happen.  Jama is helping us happen today by rounding up at Jama's Alphabet Soup.  See you there!
MORNING ADDENDUM!  I forgot while wrangling all these poems and photos that my TLD Anthology Poem "A History of Your Voice" is featured at Michelle Kogan's Mother's Day blog post!  Please enjoy it, and a beach-day photo of me and my dear, delightful mother HERE!  In fact I will be with my mother and father this weekend helping them get ready for a move nearer to us--hooray!--and so my comments will be scarce, I'm afraid.  But thank you for yours!


  1. Wow! Such creative young writers, from "soft/and greenie" to "bink, chip, clip/and pip" and so many other wonderful words and phrases. Congrats to the poets and thanks for sharing - terrific pictures, too!

  2. Each one unique and showing that essence each one "knows" of the object. I love the serious looks as they show off their piece of nature, Heidi. Congratulations to you and to your poets!

  3. These are marvelous, so many profound budding poets here,
    "Nothing to be
    heard but something
    to seek"
    How fortunate these kids are to have you as their teacher, thanks for sharing all this creativity Heidi!

    1. Michelle, my apologies for forgetting to include, as I posted last night, a link to your rich Mother's Day post! I'm so chuffed to be included, along with my mom, and it's so much fun to see other PF friends with THEIR moms. Thanks so much for inviting me!

  4. So much wonderful writing and word play here! I love the specific details, the word choice, the onomatopoeia, etc. This post makes me miss working with younger writers!!!

  5. Wonderful poems full of imagery. They make me want to go outside and pick a flower, a clover, or a stick to write a poem about. Keep it up!
    I also loved your poem for your mother, so full of the word play that you are so good at.

  6. They are all great, but I love Henry's dandelion. "smells like vanilla and gasoline." :)

  7. What a treat to read these and see those fresh, eager faces! Love the different voices and of course all the great sensory details.

  8. All these lovely poems make me want to go lie in the grass and breathe deeply.

  9. WOW! thank you for sharing "the glory of sensory poems" for your students -- their words and faces! I'm bookmarking this post to share with teachers. I really enjoyed your Mother's Day poem and beach photo... the word play is wonderful, and I loved in in my first read, but appreciated even more in my second and third after your backstory.

  10. I so love all of these poems. Such talented writers. I'll be tackling more sensory poetry with my Kindergarteners this spring. Lovely! -- Christie @

  11. I love these, and your mom poem too. Have a great, productive weekend!

  12. I sure do fancy these student poems, Heidi. Such excellent poet-observers! (I think Ziva, especially, has taken a page out of your own book!) It was also a joy to reread your wonderful Mother poem at Michelle's blog today, made all the more special with your commentary and photograph. xo

  13. From green pillows to soggy dogs - you've got to love the poetic imagery & ideas kids come up with!

  14. Oh, I hear you on the slow pace of writing. There's so much to write and so little time. But, these students are absolutely inspiring. I hope, decades from now when you are retired--that these beautiful kids will let you see the poetry of their lives that began with you. The word play they feel safe with....browny....greenie....makes me slow. Oh, just wonderful. Well done, Heidi!

  15. Who is surprised that your students have written these wonderful poems?! I love all the close observation and comparisons, especially "soft like dog fur" and dandelions that "smell like raspberries!" (Do they? I'm going to have to find out!) Elena's wise words, "Nothing to be/heard but something/to seek," are ones we should all take to heart. Good luck with helping your parents move!

  16. How fun to hear your students' voices (and your voice through theirs)! Have a great weekend!! (When you get the chance, inquiring minds want to know what your class titled their poem!!)

  17. I love this peek into your students' imaginations, Heidi - wonderful imagery and observations.

  18. Here's my favorite description:

    hairie soft
    and greenie

    I like the way it sounds!


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