Saturday, September 8, 2018

blog pause: a message from the management

Hello, few but faithful followers!  Hello, intermittent visitors!  Hello, accidental arrivals!

I'm posting today just to inform y'all that I'm going on hiatus for an undetermined length of time (unless doing so turns out to be a big mistake, like last time, in which case I'll consider it a successful experiment instead of a failed one and come back).

Since May, maybe even since December, I've been plunged into a deep dive of memoir, and while it's kicking up a tsunami of writing, both prose and poetry, the work is consuming and often doesn't feel quite appropriate for this Poetry Friday Kidlitosphere space.  Which is not to say that this community wouldn't embrace and support whatever I put up here, but perhaps more that I myself need to be in incognito mode for a while.

So I'll sign off, leaving you with an exhortation to read a book called I Will Be Complete by Glen David Gold--in which, according to one review, I play either a "tedious" or "forgettable" role 😏--and a see-you-later poem. 

Not for Kids

This poem is not for kids
it’s about how the bees sting you
from the inside
it’s about what’s under the bed
invisible almighty
that they are afraid of
this poem is all shiny
on the outside and rotten
on the inside  
oops worm bit off your head
now you can’t think your way
out of the apple
it’s not for kids at all
kids don’t know about pain:
scraped knee, loose tooth,
broken arm, black eye
these are sticks and stones
mere sticks and stones
kids don’t know that words
can always hurt you
isn’t it amazing how the
high-functioning trunk
grows right around
the wire that garottes it
this poem is not for kids
it’s this little light of mine
frantic incandescent
long-lasting flavor of
gingerbread abandonment
the way you can’t get angry
because nothing is wrong

draft ©HM 2018 

The round-up this week is hosted by Carol at Beyond Literacy Link.  Ride over on the last waves of summer to join the party!


  1. We all need breaks from time to time, Heidi - so I'm sure this is not a mistake, as you feared, so much as it is a necessity. I do have to say I'm intrigued by your "trunk v. wire" definitely have something there. Best wishes on your hiatus!

  2. Yikes, Heidi! oops worm bit off your head
    now you can’t think your way
    out of the apple

    All the best in getting your thoughts on paper. I look forward to tasting the apple cake that replaces that gingerbread.

  3. It's not often a poem tells you "this poem is all shiny/on the outside and rotten/on the inside." Thanks for the fresh/decayed take.
    Good luck with your tsunami of writing!

  4. Having recently returned from hiatus (and likely onto the next one in the blink of an eye), I'm a wholehearted supporter of taking time off from blogging. I hope the outpouring of writing continues for you, Heidi, but if you ever feel like taking an eensy weensy break, don't be a stranger. I think you'd be particularly good at this month's challenge from Naomi Shihab Nye. ;) Finally, LOL re: tedious and/or forgettable. I very much doubt you could ever be considered either. I will look for the book regardless.

  5. You know I love this poem....and your continued writing. Enjoy the hiatus. I have no doubt that you will stretch and grow and write many, many words that the world needs. You can only do so much. Go and do!

  6. Best wishes during your hiatus! Your poem packs quite a punch and if that's where your work is going--wow, the journey sounds both compelling and consuming. Ride that wave!!

  7. It's often hard to pull away from one area and forge ahead in another–all the best with this change in sails, and thanks for the poem.

  8. I'm glad you gave this poem wings and sent it out. A hiatus is understandable, but don't stay gone too long. Your voice is an important one. And PF is your community, your peeps.

  9. I've been on hiatus for more than a year now, only surfacing to share poems I've written with my poetry sisters. Time away is good. I hope it will be fruitful for you.

  10. Heidi, taking time for self is a necessity in life to keep the juices flowing with sweetness. Be free to run like the wind with gingerbread abandonment and return home to those who will miss you. I love how you add draft to some of your poems so that there is always room for growth. I know I will miss your voice, Heidi, but know that you are on a path of enlightenment that will benefit us all.

  11. Love your poem. You will be missed, but I totally understand. Hope to see you back soon.

  12. Recognizing our limits helps us do our best work, and I have no doubt your memoir project will be amazing. I agree with Michelle: I would never use the words "tedious" or "forgettable" to describe you, Heidi!

  13. Best of luck as you work on your memoir. I look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to return!


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