Saturday, May 18, 2019


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white birds flap on screen
seventeen syllables
give or take a few

I've been intermittently com-posting some haiku on Twitter, late inspired by Liz Garton Scanlon's 11-year April tradition.  Why not round them up, now that I've planned how to get peacefully and productively through all the meddlesome, tedious EOY assessments and all the emotionality that comes with the end of another year of 2nd grade?

By the way, if you haven't read this piece on that complex emotionality for teachers, please do.  If you're not a teacher, you'll learn a lot, and if you are you'll feel deeply and well represented.

For Teachers of Children in Poverty, The End of the Year Brings Mixed Emotions

So here they are:

painted lady chrysalis
leaks neon blue and scarlet
inner beauty

alone, sun on my
burger, glass of rose'
cause for poetry

    (in response to this one from @lisagerlits)
     I ought to have a dog
    to walk--for poetry's sake
    if not his or mine

the round cans wax
then wane to empty drawer
cat food calendar

fat green
molecule of miracle
first tomato

ivy gone awry
persistent oils, tangled roots
hard learned lessons ooze

hundreds of tiny
deeprooted weeds sprout each night
they will not be stopped

the flaming plane
is not "out of the blue"
we see it coming

waiting all day
for the thunder to roll
sun just carries on

I'm so late with my post this week (didn't know I was going to do one!) but even so I'm sure that our host and my friend Margaret at Reflections on the Teche won't mind my tardiness. She has pi-ku so I'll be in good company!


  1. Thanks for the roundup! I missed many of these on Twitter. So much fun.

    And thanks for the article. Tears are sliding down my face. I was just thinking this morning about the unmeasurable successes I've had this year. Trying to convince myself they are as important as (or more important than) the lines on the graphs and the numbers that don't represent where a child really is in their education as a human being. Where does learning to forgive get measured? How do we know what difference the egg drop will make?

  2. Thanks for rounding up your may-ku. Love the chrysalis one because my students were fascinated by the meconium that is excreted when the butterfly hatches. Inner beauty is just right.

  3. hundreds of tiny
    deeprooted weeds sprout each night
    they will not be stopped

    This one could've been inspired by my yard :)
    Love your haiku round up, Heidi.

  4. They are so fun and I loved reading them here. I hope the end of the year goes smoothly. The article is spot on.

  5. I'm so glad you posted. I've been seeing your haiku on twitter and love seeing them collected here. I have to say my favorite is the need for a dog for poetry's sake. I agree! And, the cat food calendar....the truth there is startling. Made me laugh. Carry on, dear poet. Carry on.

  6. Amazing collection of haikus, Heidi. #2 makes me smile as it is a relaxing picture of you celebrating poetry. Thanks for the amazing article. It makes me reflect on my years of teaching children living in poetry.


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