Friday, July 12, 2019

a very practical "poem"

No, it's not really poetry, this postcard-sized flyer that I plan to print and carry at the ready when overwhelmed people of good faith ask what they can actually DO.

But the world you walk through today
with its nearby honeybees
and faraway flooding
with its close-up calamity
and its distant river dolphins,

this world today is your poem
to read and recite
to memorize and mourn
to fold into the palm of your hand
which unfolds you
to move beyond speaking.

I say it aloud
to help me move
with urgency, patience
because change
is challenging us.

instadraft ©Heidi Mordhorst 2019

Today's Poetry Friday host is Jone at Deowriter, where she shares a very fortunate Poem Swap gift from Tabatha and where we can choose to open all kinds of poetry surprises.


  1. Heidi, I love your poem and your postcard. The poem is the spark, and the postcard provides simple, manageable actions to follow through with that spark. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love how you incorporated cootie catcher fortune it was always going to be there! Gesh, your quick. And, I like the postcard too. I like that there are things that one can do that aren't difficult. Even a climate change denier cannot argue that educating girls is radical (ok, maybe they can...but they are on the fringes). Love your leadership in poetry. Keep going!

  3. I am sad that there are so many in the US who still do not re-cycle, have few means to do so. But, there are ways to make that 'footprint' less if one tries. Love your list and the poem as our world, Heidi!

  4. I like your postcard a lot Heidi. It looks like they are from the drawdown project. I don't remember the last one, but it's a good idea. I tell people the most important thing we can do is elect politicians who will act, top down, to reduce carbon and support drawdown initiatives.
    PS I love your poem, especially this line, this world today is your poem.

  5. Have you considered printing your poem on the back of your postcard? Dynamic duo! I appreciate the practical tips of the postcard and the connection and urgency of your poem. I especially love the first stanza and this line: "this world today is your poem", and, like Linda, I also admire your nimble incorporation of cootie catcher fortune teller!

  6. As we await the arrival of Barry, we are reminded of the reality of climate change. Thanks for your passionate plea to Do Something!

  7. Thank you! The sheer size of our climate crisis is overwhelming, but your postcard offers concrete steps we can all take. I also think that printing your poem on the back of your postcard is a great idea.

  8. Yes, "this world today is your poem." Thank you for encouraging us all to be informed and understand that we can take small steps that will have an impact.

  9. I'll make it a third, I think your poem needs to go on the reverse side of this card. Strong poem and message all the way through, thanks for it and your go to lists of things we can do!

  10. Love the postcard and the poem, Heidi. I hate that the weed killer has resumed that is so harmful to bees. Can we share this postcard with others?


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