Friday, October 25, 2019

Inktober 2: catching up

I watched the debate last week and fell off the Inktober wagon in the process.  Last night I had some catching up to do, involving words 15-24.

I was half-asleep, and sometimes that helps--it didn't go too badly,  and it just about fit in a Tweet!

pretty oldenday

she has gone legend, draped 
and belled with wild green ornaments, 
misfit among the suits and seatbelts
slung over our shoulders. 
her tread itself is treasure, 
little ghosts of tiptoe 
disappearing, already ancient, 
dizzy over graveled avenues.

flashdraft  ©Heidi Mordhorst

I've just realized that Pretty Oldenday has a brother.  That poem will not be so light.

Our host for Poetry Friday today is Karen Edmisten.  Head on over for a fall of "crisp, crackling gifts."


  1. Wow! These lines
    belled with wild green ornaments,
    misfit among the suits and seatbelts
    Thanks so much.

  2. Yes, Wow, so much packed in there, marvelously fun Heidi, and I can't wait to meet "Pretty Oldenday's" brother… Thanks!

  3. You are a master of efficiency! I love "little ghosts of tiptoe."

  4. You spin a magical tone so quickly. What a great way to use Inktober.

  5. You sure packed a bundle of prompt into one poem!

  6. That is amazing! I love how you wove all the prompts into one poem.

  7. Good grief, Heidi. You ought to teach a class in half-sleep poetry writing! Well done!

  8. Unbelievable, your compact little poem packs a punch with all those word prompts, Heidi. See you at NCTE.

  9. Now that's an efficient approach to prompts! Love "little ghosts of tiptoe."

  10. Your deft wordplay never ceases to amaze me! Well done, Heidi!


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