Friday, September 4, 2020

in one word: ****

about as delicate as I can be about
 dismantling anything right now
The Sunday Night Swaggers are back to monthly challenges. This month Catherine Flynn has challenged us to write an In One Word poem created by April Halprin Wayland. See her introductory post here.

It is 7:37 am and, in one word, f**k.  I had another post in mind and I have just remembered that I have a poetry challenge to rise to! Luckily I did start this challenge some months ago. So let's consider this LIVE POETRY FRIDAY and let's see what half-draft I have sitting in a handy searchable Google Doc....


In a Word: dismantle [last edit July 5]

I didn’t write it right away. Beset by lament, beset by the dismal stain that spreads when you actually listen, my mantle of denial, of sane, silent agreement was torn away. Uncovered, stripped, taken apart at last, by taking myself apart I can finally put you together. By breaking myself down I can see the far edges of the system.

remaining words on my list:




In the spirit of that grace that we are all offering each other these days (please say you are offering and accepting enormous grace right now!), I will come back to this very very rough Step 4 later in the day. Then you can watch me finish my poem right here. Maybe I'll even use Screencastify to record my doings! Don't we all have a lot of new tools and techniques we can juggle?

I would also like to say that I intend to do my host duty and visit all of LAST FRIDAY'S posts when I can....

SATURDAY, 7:15 am


brought to you by Screencastify, 5 free minutes at a time!

Then I did some more editing off-video, so now the poem is....

And just now, Sunday morning, I've had another go at a few things that were bothering me...

Thank you to whoever is hosting today- IT'S CAROL at Beyond Literacy Link, and happy LABOR day to all. Don't forget to check out the rest of our swaggery gracious offerings today!

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  1. You have a happy Labor Day as well. I look forward to whatever you write. :)

  2. Here's the DEAL: enormous amounts of grace have been given and received this week, our collective safety NET. "Dismantle" is a perfect word for this tumultuous TIME. Can't wait to see how you EDIT this paragraph into a poem, Heidi. I know you will TEND it with care, and TAME it into a brilliant whole.

    1. Okay, well, that's the whole poem done right there!Thank you very much, Catherine!😛

  3. You appear to be beset with a tumble dryer brain at present Heidi. That's not necessarily a bad thing. An old philosophy lecturer of mine responded to my confused state with a one word reply- good. When I asked why it was good that I was confused he stated- Out of confusion, you will seek understanding. May your process reveal what you are seeking...

  4. I love your word choice and also how you rose to an "oh f**K" occasion in style, transforming it into a rich, shared process. Can't wait to read your resulting poem!

  5. Between you and Catherine, I am taking my tumble brain and giving her some grace this morning. You two are the reason I love this group. We are who we are. "By taking myself apart, I can finally put you together." Take that, In One Word Poem!

  6. Appreciating the support, fellow Swaggers and Poetry Fridayers. Here's the first 15 minutes of work on the final poem. I'm laughing at how there are parts of the videos where nothing is Billy Collins says, the poet's job includes "a lot of sitting and staring."

  7. You asked, so I'll say it (and it's true): I am offering and accepting enormous grace right now.

    My poem for today came straight out of my notebook with very little revising (there wouldn't have been 15 minutes worth of video) on Friday morning in a similar, "Oh F**K it's Friday already!" moment!

  8. Oh, my goodness....HEAPS of grace. I do like how you respond with honesty, humor and a pretty darn good draft. Isn't it all so crazy. Hugs to you.

  9. Thank you for the peek into your process and your candid realization of the day of the week. You have my grace, but you've got plenty of talent to draw upon for your poetry prowess. :)

  10. Heidi, it was interesting to see your process in your videos. You dismantled a difficult word into sections to revamp and present your thoughts in a fluid pattern right before my eyes.

  11. Oh, Heidi--love. Yes to grace. And this is amazing! I set out to write an In One Word poem this week, using the word "freedom." But then I ended up doing a wordplay poem instead. I still want to try an In One Word some point. Don't know where the weeks go! Your poem is so powerful and fills me with both shame and inspiration. So many hugs to you with all you're doing at school and all you're advocating for in the world.

  12. Bushelfuls of garden grace coming your way, Look at me when I'm responding. Definitely not enough hours for all our wonderful poetry. Sure glad I stopped by for yours Heidi, you picked apart and dismantled dismantle perfectly, thanks!

  13. Wow, Heidi, so true what you wrote on my blog today: "how one word can give forth so many words that somehow seem *designed* to build a poem of depth and surprise." Thank you for sharing! I appreciate they process you share here too.


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