Friday, March 26, 2021

slps 6: brevity with valerie and nikki

Here's early morning quiet and early spring damp, 63* at 6am. A rabbit is galloping giddily around my backyard where the last two days of rain have sent some--not all--of the grass shooting up, so that the lawn, which yearns to be a field both on the ground and in my mind, is a shaggy, ragged yellowgreen. It's windy today too, the community of clouds is rolling by, charging eastward past the sunrise, clearing out for the sunny day that's on its way.

I'm alone here with the patio door open just enough to feel it all, abandoned to the birdcall and the smell of suspense on the air.

 grass | Valerie Worth



A Community of Clouds | Nikki Giovanni

Busy this weekend--not planning to make the PF rounds.  But you never know!  Hosting today is Susan at Soul Blossom Living, who is rounding up all our celebrations of National Poetry Month.


  1. Both Worth & Giovanni make us look at things twice! I am glad about that! Happy Weekend, Heidi!

  2. Thank you for sharing these little treasures. My daughter-in-law is a VT grad and took a class with Nikki Giovanni! Can you imagine?!

  3. Oh, I don't know these poems. Thanks and your intro/description is to me a prose poem and could be more. Happy weekend and I hope the sun finds you very soon. We are not going to be as lucky up here for a week or so....not warm and even colder a day here and there. Makes it that much sweeter when spring weather arrives, but still a short spring is not my favorite thing. I want it to last and last!
    Janet Clare F.
    PS I surely hope you are writing!

  4. What beauty in simple things. Your prose poem opening gives this post the feel of a mighty fine haibun. Love that bunny galloping around your yard to get the new tender grass.

  5. Add me to the list of those who love Valerie Worth. And I also love "my heart held so confidently in your hands." What a great line!

  6. Love your intro Heidi and the poets you have brought with you this week. Valerie Worth's ability to celebrate the everyday object and Nikki Giovanni's precise use of similes make for joyful reading.

  7. Both of these poets are among my favorites and both of these poems satisfy. I love that community of clouds and all the sounds of a field of grass. Enjoy your busy weekend.


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