Friday, July 15, 2022



Greetings from Seaford, on the south coast of England!  Wherever I am, wherever you are, there is a climate crisis. Would you like some good news to go with your bad news?  Try THE FIX newsletter from  Here's the "Joy Issue."

We have been in France and now will be in the UK for all of July, catching up with our family and friends here after two years apart. In a bid to keep writing, I set myself a "reasonable" goal to write one haiku each day...and then remembered how challenging it is to write a really effective haiku.  

As I reviewed the "rules" for modern haiku here and there, I found my way to this helpful overview.  I've tried to keep it in mind and I'm thoroughly happy with...about 20% of these.  They do make a nice album, though, combined with the photos I've taken. Here are the last handful; you can see the rest on Twitter:

Day 14 

white sheep white swans white horse 

concentric greens 

we walk behind the cows

Day 13  (for Juliet Cox)

butterfly on my dinner plate 

goats in the gully 

a little mild peril