Thursday, August 18, 2022

gotta dip: a brief blog hiatus

Greetings, Audience, whoever you may be! Thanks for popping by.

It's a time of transition for me, from "full-time classroom teacher who does poetry on the side" to "part-time poetry teacher who does essay coaching on the side." It's exciting and a bit daunting, and I'm diving right in!

I have a lot to organize in the next 6-8 weeks, so I'll be taking a break from weekly blogging except for one appearance on September 2nd, when the logo you see below should have become a clickable link, and I'll be joining my critique group, The Inklings, in our monthly poetry challenge.

See you back here on October 7, give or take, for further poetry musings for teachers, authors, kids and adults!


  1. An exciting career change! Congrats, Heidi.

  2. Looking forward to hear more about your new adventure. Congrats

  3. Best wishes for fun while doing some NEW things, Heidi!

  4. We will miss you! Don't stay away too long.

  5. Heidi, all the best in your new adventures! It sounds like you have great opportunities ahead.

  6. This is such an exciting time! I can't wait to read about how it unfolds. I suspect we'll all be the richer for it!

  7. Heidi, moving on from your summer life to a new one as as a part-time poetry teacher and coach sounds fascinating. I love the title of your new workshop but can't get a link to peek in on what you are proposing. Enjoy your new adventure and I look forward to your return to PF.

    1. Thanks, Carol--the link isn't there yet because I have to build it! Stay tuned....


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