Friday, December 30, 2022

resurfacing; boxes

Greetings, Poetry Friday friends.  I'm on Day 5 of a COVID infection that I had hoped magically to escape forever, and although I have felt pretty crappy, honestly what feels worst is no longer being able to say, "Unbelievably I've never had it!"  Guess what, guys: I'm not special.😝 But today my head feels more normal, anyway.

I'm also on Day 10 in the new house and thus surrounded by boxes we didn't get to unpacking before illness struck.  As Mary Lee demonstrates so richly in her post, "Box is such a rich topic."  Indeed the Inklings addressed it back in 2019, and that post harks back to previous boxy posts--yet that does not stop me from going around again, because RICH.

So let's see if I can wake up my poetry heart again, which has been on hiatus, and take on the Carroll square form too.


How Much Is Too Much?

We fit it all into boxes,
fit more boxes than we need.
It boxes us in ever, more
all than in wisdom we'd allow,
into--we ever-- we'd never not!
Boxes, need more! Allow, not refuse!

old house: the moment at which my best intentions gave way
Oh my heavens, what a mess that poem is--a mess that perfectly captures the efforts I made to be organized and circumspect about reducing our STUFF down to neatly packed and labeled boxes of Not Too Much!  It started out great, but as the days passed and our Decision and Discernment muscles fatigued, it became harder to leave things behind...and now I'm surrounded by stuff that never should have come, and which I'll be unpacking directly from moving boxes into giveaway boxes. *sighhhhh*  

I do like how the poem's lines grow longer as resolve weakens, as it becomes harder to determine what's essential, what's sensible. And huzzah for the power of punctuation, right?

Thanks to the #PoetryPals/Poetry Sisters for sharing their December challenge, and thanks to Patricia for hosting us this last Poetry Friday of the year at her blog.  I agree about the blessings, and wish you all the brightest of New Year beginnings!


  1. I hope you feel better soon! The box-theme poem is fitting, as clearing our attic is an ongoing project.

  2. Hmm... something related here... boxes and self-realizations that insist we not be in a box? I am IMPRESSED with the complexity of Carroll's box form and the efforts of the Poetry Sisters with this prompt. Can't wait to try my hand!

    Sometimes I think there's great relief when life upends our carefully manicured plans. I'm sorry it was COVID that stopped yours. Hope you bounce back soon! Happy New Year, Heidi.

  3. Ughghg. I haven't had Covid yet, but I feel like it's stalking me. I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for this boxing poem and for being you. Happy New Year!

  4. The Carroll Squares are just terrifyingly beyond my brain just now. I haven't had C19, but I had a bivalent booster and a flu shot the same day this week, so I'm sluggish in solidarity over here.

    Also, since we moved in October, your poem is WAY too relatable, Cousin! Hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. I'm impressed that you made it here! Glad you're feeling better. I'm like Laura -- I feel like C19's stalking me. It's just a matter of time. Until then, I'll enjoy being special! (HA!) Your poem does seem to disintegrate the way you described your "Decision and Discernment muscles" flagging. But that's what makes it so spot on. No matter how hard we try...STUFF!

  6. I lost that special status in October but was counting on you to hold out. Then at least I could say I hung out with special people...ah well, I'm glad you're on the mend and I love what you did with your box-inspired poem. I also love your line about your "Decision and Discernment muscles" fatiguing. I've been trying to declutter a bit and it's exhausting. Doing it on a timeline while moving and also during the holidays is intimidating to say the least! Be well!

  7. I'm so sorry you have COVID. I managed to get it at ALA last summer. After 3 years of no illnesses at all, it was a whammy. Hoping you'll be out of boxes soon!

  8. Still hanging on to my "special" status, hoping for the best. I hope you feel better and kudos for still managing a poem amidst all the stuff of holidays, unpacking, and recovering.

  9. Oh, dear! I'm sorry about the COVID. You are brave to attempt that Carroll form in any state of health! I'm knocking on wood as I mention that we are still safe from it. Hope you feel better soon, and Happy New Year!

  10. I hope you feel better soon, Heidi. Along with that whammy, moving is one of the most stressful. You probably dreamed of boxes. When I moved, I had the pleasure of leaving behind what I didn't take & having an estate sale. That which was not purchased was taken by still another company. I still have too much stuff, but it did help. I love "more
    all than in wisdom we'd allow". In those tired days, it just finally must seem easier to say "yes". The prompt certainly fit you right now, didn't it? May your new year be bright and healthy!

  11. Oh, my goodness Heidi. You ARE special. Just not in the way of escaping Covid indefinitely. I'm so sorry. I arrived home from London to one of my boys coughing and isolating in the basement with a case of covid. UGH! Stupid virus. I hope you feel better soon. Day 5 seems to be at least a turning point for many. Let's hope that happens for you too. Love the photo of your boxes and the thoughts about messiness. Isn't that what boxes ultimately do...let us know that we are still oh, so messy! Great work, my friend.

  12. So sorry the covid malaise has visited you, I hope it decides to leave soon, and that you are feeling much better as each new day comes! I especially like your 3rd and 5th lines, fun poem despite your covid, and move, brava!!!

  13. Oh, Heidi. Moving -- even happy moves -- is so hard. It's a letting go. Your poem captured the scatter and heaviness of packing up.

  14. I'm late to reading this but completely empathize with going through boxes. Deciding what stays and goes is exhausting. Here's hoping you're feeling better both on the health and organizing fronts!


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