Friday, January 20, 2023

consulting the oracle: Cybils 2022


Greetings, poetry lovers!  I'm finally getting around to trumpeting the great work of the Cybils Awards community, which I am once again a part of this year.  Many, many readers of kidlit make their nominations in many categories each year, and then two rounds of "official" readers make their selections, narrowing the number of contenders for a coveted Cybils Award down to ONE.

Ten books have been selected with care by the Round 1 Panelists, who were:

Anne Bennett
My Head Is Full of Books 
Twitter: @headfullofbooks

Matt Esenwine
Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme
Twitter: @MattForrestVW
Instagram: @MattForrestVW

Sheri Howard
Lobit Education Village Library
Instagram: @jinxyrad

Tricia Stohr-Hunt
The Miss Rumphius Effect 
Twitter: @missrumphius
Instagram: @tricia_stohr_hunt

Sylvia Vardell
Poetry for Children 
Twitter: @SylviaVardell
Instagram: @sylviavardell

We owe them great gratitude for doing the heavy lift of reading EVERYTHING and narrowing it down to just 10 finalists. Here are the books the  Round 2 Judges will choose from.  Everyone, I believe, is delighted that we are no longer trying to effectively compare apples and oranges; this year for the first time we will be selecting one novel-in-verse and one collection to honor.

Christy Mihaly
Twitter: @CMwriter4kids
Instagram: @christymihaly

Rosemary Marotta
Rosemary’s Reading Circle
Twitter: @RosemaryMarotta
Instagram: @RosemaryMarotta

Charlotte Taylor
Charlotte’s Library 
Twitter @charlottelib

Bridget Wilson
What Is Bridget Reading? 
Twitter: @bridgetrwilson
Instagram: @bridgetwilson4765

Winners will be announced on Valentine's Day--💜❤️️full of book love❤️️💜-- and I am loving the opportunity/necessity to start each day--YES, FIRST, before everything else--with reading!

Thanks to Marcie at her blog for hosting us today, where she is reminding me that this should be the season of waiting, resting and pausing.
I'm working on it...


  1. How exciting, Heidi. Smart idea to split the categories into two this year. Verse novels are their own kind of magic -- collections too.

  2. What a hard job this must be! I'll add the books I haven't read to my list. Can't wait to read them!

  3. Valentine's Day for Book Love! ❤️️ Sounds just right. Thanks for celebrating the Cybils Awards Panelists!

  4. I can't imagine how difficult your job is to choose just one from these selections. They all look wonderful.

  5. Lots of good reading here! Good luck with your decisions.

  6. When I see this list, I wish I had signed up to judge. What wonderful books!

  7. Brilliant move, "frenzied women from whose lips the god speaks" leaders. Verse novels and collections SHOULD be separate. And I love seeing that I own 4/5 of the collections and have read 5/5 of them! Yay me! (I was sad to note that there were only two collections in the list of Nerdy Poetry books.)

  8. So many great poetry books and verse novels on the list this year! I'm still patiently waiting for some of them from my public library.

  9. Thank goodness they separated the categories! I've been there and it certainly packs in December & January. Thanks for THOSE "frenzied women", Heidi. I've read about half of these, others on my list. What bounty from last year!

  10. Such fabulous titles, all! Definitely a labor of love! I have my fave on each of those, knowing they are all so well written. I'm quickly moving to that "read first" kind of morning start!

  11. Thanks for sharing the titles here, Heidi. It looks like you all have got your work cut out for you! Making a decision must be hard! I've definitely fallen behind on reading in the past year or so. My TBR pile is already towering, and now I have a few more titles to add to the mix. Happy reading!

  12. I put several of these I hadn't read yet on reserve when I saw the finalists recently. I just read Born on the Water today. Wow. Wowee. Wow. Stunning. Thanks to you and all the judges for your thoughtful work!

  13. It looks like it's the Year of the Elephant! Thanks for all your hard work!

  14. Oh, I see some beautiful books that I love in those lists. Africa Town and Odder are right up there as favorites for me. I need to grab the collections. Thanks for showing these beauties off!

  15. Heidi, thanks for being part of the decision making. The books chosen look fabulous and the split is a good one.

  16. Thanks for sharing these books Heidi and all your reading and selections–So many wonderful books here!


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