Friday, January 12, 2018

writing from research: 2nd grade poems

As last year, one of our big projects in 2nd grade is researching and writing informatively about "special places," which I link with our geography objectives by narrowing (or broadening!) to habitats or ecosystems.  This year our information brochures covered forests, both temperate and rain, grasslands and coral reefs.  To close our project, we read selections from Forest Has a Song by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater, Rejoice! by Mendon Center Elementary 3rd Grade and Water Sings Blue by Kate Coombs to inform and inspire our habitat poems.

As always, I know that our Poetry Friday and Writing Workshop have been effective when just about all my 7- or 8-year-olds can strike out on their own poetry paths, making empowered decisions about what and how to express their learning in poetic form.  Enjoy--there's more to come!

Animals in the Trees
by Max R.

deer hide
between the trees
porcupines claw
and climb the trees
wolves run far
through the trees

                       Rainforest is Sea
                               by Caleb BA

                       Amazon rain forest
                       big big rainforest
                       is an ocean of trees
                       flowers are corals bees
                       are polyps jaguars are
                       sharks swimming
                       in the sea

The Tree Men
      by Xavier AB.
by Xavier

the trees are tall
like a man is inside
the tree   the trees
are green as the
grass         and the
yellow    light green
dark green
in the tropical rain forest

Animal Cultures
by Eric E.

Jaguars with spots,

lurking for prey,

snakes with patterns,
slithering around the tree tops,
toucans with sharp beaks,
spying with their bright blue
or green eyes on other

   by Elena F.

Anacondas slither through
the Amazon River
just looking for
       food and

    when they find

  their prey they
  squeeze their
prey and swallow
            it whole

Pretty Polyps!
   by Kathy AG.

In coral reefs polyps
are soft and small and amazing animals.
They pile up together to
look like a beautiful plant.

Rainforest Animals
      by Henry D

Sloths are sleeping
monkeys are swinging
jaguars are pouncing
for prey    mouse opossums are
being hunted by tree
boas     they try to get away
from the wide
deep jaws

Sharp Animals
by Ines W.

In the forest, porcupines have
sharp quills showing
In the forest, woodpeckers have
sharp beaks pecking bugs
They poke predators.

   by Tyler P.
Jaguars are lurking for their prey.
The Amazon River is in their way.
The jaguar turns and runs away
from their prey.

Eels Electric
      by Arya J.

Eels  long black eels
like a long skinny rope
with electricity it will shock
anyone with its long
sharp electric strong
teeth to swallow prey.
Sharks’ Teeth
      by Arya J.

Sharks   big teeth
short tail   catches
prey with its big
sharp teeth
Watch out!!!!!!!

Bats Eat Fruits
   by Sophia ZD

bats eat
bats eat
 poop out          seeds
            poop out
 seeds         grow more
    plants for others.

Wow, right?

The Poetry Friday round-up today is with Jan at bookseedstudio, where she and Martin Luther King Jr. remind us that like "each log or tree has a difference," each of us has a difference that sounds in our various voices.  Go hear!

Friday, January 5, 2018

rekiddifying for the new year

Happy New Year! May it actually be so, for all of humankind (kind being the operative word).

I've been doing a lot of writing for my adult self lately, and while that's going well (in the sense of being challenging and revealing and effective), in reading for Cybils judging I have remembered that I also write for kids, supposedly.  So that will be my focus this month.

sweeping the snow

swinging the broom   swinging the broom
      powder clouds and sprays

dragging the broom   dragging the broom
     white lines slide and stay

pounding the broom   pounding the broom
      lightness leaps away

spinning the broom   spinning the broom
      snowdust-flow ballet

draft (c) HM 2018

The round-up for this new year beginning is at Reading to the Core with Catherine, who's featuring the important book by Irene Latham and Charles Waters called Can I Touch Your Hair?