Friday, June 10, 2011

hello, tootsie

One last installment of 2nd-grade work today... I'm conserving the rest of my energy to do a better job of visiting other Poetry Friday postings (and anyway the poems speak for themselves). Both are by a mysterious figure known only as DWG.

H ello
E ach day you say it at
L east one time
L et go of your troubles and
O pen your mind

Tootsie Rolls

Twist the wrapper. Take it out. Pop
it in your mouth. Suck on it a bit.
Then bite down on it. The sweetness
spreads through your whole
mouth. Enjoy the moment. Savor it.
Think about how sweet it is.
Then when it's gone. Think about
how lucky you are.


Hey diddle diddle! Savor the flavor of Poetry Friday with Anastasia at Picture Book of the Day.


  1. Hi, Heidi! Thanks for these sweet little reminders to slow down and enjoy the moment. I have a friend who loves Tootsie Rolls -- looking forward to sharing that poem with her.

  2. Awww. Think about how lucky you are. Great thing to do at any age!

  3. Always good advice - to "bite down" on the sweetness, no matter what the source - tootsie rolls included! Thanks, Heidi.

  4. Thank you, commenters! Feeling nicely sweet and sticky right's interview yielded a job!

  5. Yeay, congratulations, Heidi :-) More tootsie rolls called for then, methinks - though as a deprive Brit, I confess I've never heard of them before!

    I like the reminder to inject a bit of meaning into hello, too.

  6. HUZZAH for the job!!!

    I'm glad I got here late enough to read that bit of good news! Hope you're having more than just a tootsie right now to celebrate!!!


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